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Jacksonville Jaguars Season Outlook

After taking the New England Patriots to the wire, in the AFC title game two seasons ago expectations were high going into last season, however, after an encouraging 3-1 start it would all end up going completely south. Losing seven straight games, it wasn’t until December that they were able to win another one. Inevitably they would finish 5-11 and in the basement of the division.

In those final 5 games, they were kept under 20 points. Things do seem to be trending in the right direction, however. It began in January when they hired John De Filippo as offensive coordinator, and only two months later Blake Bortles was sent packing after 5 seasons in Jacksonville.

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NFL Top 10 Mock Draft: Major Free Agency Moves Affect the Draft

Many teams used free agency as a means of plugging holes within their rosters, which could have an effect on their draft plans, writes Matias Wodner.

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