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Fantasy Baseball: Reassessing the First Two Rounds

We are now about two months into the 2021 season and it’s amazing how much the early rounds of our fantasy baseball drafts would be if we could go back and get a mulligan. Injuries, of course, have been the main factor but performance issues also play a role as we reassess the decisions that were made a couple of months ago.

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Fantasy Battle: Which Running Back Should go 1.01?

Almost every year, fantasy owners picking early in the first round target bell cow running backs as they are worth their weight in gold. This year there are four running backs in that group: Saquon Barkley, Christian McCaffrey, Alvin Kamara, and Ezekiel Elliott. A month ago, these four running backs were being drafted all in the top four picks according to Fantasy Football Calculator. However, since Zeke is currently holding out, his ADP has dropped down a little to 1.05 and is the fifth player being taken on average, behind the other three running backs and DeAndre Hopkins.

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