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Can the New York Islanders Fix Their Defense

Stingy defensive play has become the identity of the New York Islanders, a team who is looking to make it to at least the third round of the playoffs for the third consecutive season. But as their season-opening 13-game road trip ends, the defense is the problem.

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New York Islanders Season Preview

In their final season at Nassau Coliseum, well, the second final season at the Coliseum, the Islanders went a game further than they did against the year prior. Unfortunately, it was just from game six of the third round to game seven of the same round against the same team, the Lightning.

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New York Islanders Season Recap

The New York Islanders qualified for the playoffs for the third straight season in 2020-2021. Sneaking in after finishing in fourth place in the East Division, the team won 32 games during the NHL’s shortened 56 game season.

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