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Hall of Fame Case: David Ortiz

David Ortiz makes his debut on the Hall of Fame ballot this year, joining former rival Alex Rodriguez. The slugger started his career with the Minnesota Twins, but he is most known for the 14 years he spent with the Boston Red Sox, of course.

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Hall of Fame Case: Andruw Jones

Andruw Jones is on the MLB Hall of Fame ballot for the fourth time after receiving a big boost last season. Will the outfielder continue to get a boost with each year of eligibility? Will he wind up eventually being inducted into Cooperstown?

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Hall of Fame Case: Gary Sheffield

For over two decades, Gary Sheffield was one of the game’s most prolific hitters. Playing for the Brewers, Padres, Marlins, Dodgers, Braves, Yankees, Tigers, and Mets from 1988-2009, the native of Tampa, FL will again be eligible for induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

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2021 Hall of Fame Case: Todd Helton

Since the inception of the Colorado Rockies in 1993, the franchise hadn’t seen one of their own get inducted into the Hall of Fame until Larry Walker in 2020. Fast-forward to 2021, and first baseman Todd Helton could join his former teammate and get the nod into Cooperstown. 

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