Shaun Wade: Scouting Report


Givanni Damico | November 21st, 2019 

Shaun Wade, CB, Ohio State #24

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 194 LBs

Year: Redshirt Sophomore

Games of Wade’s that I’ve watched: Almost all of them (I’m a Buckeyes fan)

Wade is just a redshirt sophomore for the Buckeyes, but he is a difference-maker on that field. He plays a lot of press and zone coverage, so strictly scouting his man-to-man ability was a bit tough for me. He looks as though he could play slot corner, safety, or even linebacker if needed. 


My grading is based on 10 categories, each weighted by 10 points. For cornerbacks, this criteria includes: Frame, Speed, Man/Press Coverage, Zone Coverage, Tackling Ability, Ball Skills, Fluidity, Versatility, Awareness, and Run Support


7/10 Since I include fluid footwork in this category, Wade’s grade decreases. His footwork is weak at times which allows him to get beat off of the line of scrimmage. These missteps may not seem like a big deal right now, but they can lead to game-changing plays.


9/10 Wade has a pleasing combination of size and speed. While I would like to see him put on a little bit more muscle, Wade should still be able to line up against almost anybody and have a fair chance.


8.5/10 Wade has great long speed and takes nice strides. He sticks to his men in press coverage and has the ability to cover a lot of ground. His acceleration is also very impressive.

Ball Skills

7.5/10 His concentration is very impressive and he rarely takes his eye off of the ball. Wade’s fluidity in the air needs improvement. This improvement will allow him to make more plays on the ball.

Tackling Ability

8.5/10 Wade is a relatively sure-tackler, one of the better at the position in this class. Despite this, Wade can struggle taking down bigger-bodied wide receivers. Adding more muscle to his body will allow him to take down these guys on first contact.

Man/Press Coverage

7/10 From what I’ve seen from Wade in man coverage, he has held his own. He plays up in press coverage often and sticks with his receiver for the most part. He tends to struggle on the first step when in the slot which allows his man to get ahead of him, especially on slant routes. 

Zone Coverage

8/10 Once again, Wade holds his own for the most part, but struggles on underneath routes. He has plenty of experience in zone coverage and gets better as the weeks go on. 


8/10 Wade does a good job reading plays and making a break on the ball. He maintains his concentration on the ball which allows him to make more plays. I thought it was interesting that he is also able to read the Run-Pass Option pretty well. He’s got the instincts of a linebacker with the intangibles of a cornerback.


8.5/10 As I said earlier, Wade’s instincts make it seem like he can profile as a slot corner, a safety, or even a hybrid linebacker like former Buckeye Jerome Baker. He is fast and relatively lengthy as well which allows him to line up against almost anybody.

Run Support

8/10 I was impressed from what I saw with Wade’s ability to stop the run. His tackling ability allows him to bring down most running backs and his instincts (beating a dead horse, I know) allow him to recognize run plays.


80/100 Shaun Wade is a young player who has the talent to excel at the next level. He does not need to declare this year if he has a poor finish to the year, but he looks ready to go pro. If he does wait a year, his stock could increase, but he also risks injury or a down season. He’s a very versatile player who has great instincts, but he needs serious improvement when it comes to footwork and man coverage.

Round Grade: Early-Second

Pro Comparison: James Bradberry

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