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Brandon Braasch | January 25th, 2020

The Pro Bowl is probably one of the toughest DFS teams to pick. With so many stars all playing in the same game, it is tough to pick the guys that are going to get their playing time and score points. I’m going to do my best with the recent trends to give you my top players in this year’s Pro Bowl. Fair warning: don’t bet too much money playing the pro bowl because there’s not much telling on what’s going to happen.

Here is my strategy for this crap shoot. Running backs, they are basically pointless. In the past three Pro Bowls, there have been two rushing touchdowns. One by Anthony Sherman (a fullback) and one by LeSean McCoy, who only had seven rushing yards. Tight ends are very valuable. They have scored six touchdowns in the last three games. Now we just have to pick the right ones.

FanDuel MVP/ DraftKings Captain

Austin Hooper (7,800 DK Captain, 5,200 DK, and 8,000 FD)


Hooper caught a touchdown in last year’s pro bowl. Hooper should get a good amount of snaps especially since Zach Ertz is still a little banged up. Ertz shouldn’t get a lot of snaps and that leaves only two other tight ends on the NFC roster. With the recent trends of tight ends being the money pick If Hooper is able to snag a touchdown or two, he should be low owned in the top spots (Captain and MVP) while also saving you some money.


Flex Players

Lamar Jackson (10,000 DK and 14,500 FD)

It can be tough for quarterbacks to score points without touchdowns. However, Jackson could easily bust out a couple of runs that will rack up some quick points. He won’t have to worry about getting hit as hard since it’s the Pro Bowl so that will allow him more time to escape. I also like stacking Jackson with his tight end Mark Andrews. Look for Jackson to lead an early drive and pick up some valuable points.


Mark Andrews (6,000 DK and 9,000 FD)

As stated above, I like the Jackson and Andrews stack. If there’s going to be a tight end on the AFC side to score a touchdown, what better player to do it than one that has already done it many times on the year. Jackson and Andrews connected for 10 touchdowns in the regular season and I expect them to do just that in the pro bowl.

Kirk Cousins (5,000 DK and 12,500 FD)

We all know Cousins as the guy who screams “You like that?” Well, I’d like a touchdown pass from Cousins to Hooper in this game. Cousins is not shy about throwing to tight ends. Hooper is a great target, especially in the red zone. Cousins threw for 158 yards in his Pro Bowl career. Look for Cousins to throw for his first career Pro Bowl touchdown.

Keenan Allen (7,000 DK and 11,500 FD)

Allen is no stranger to the Pro Bowl. This will be his third straight pro bowl appearance. He was the leading receiver for the AFC in the 2019 Pro Bowl. He caught four passes for 95 yards in that game. If Allen can replicate that performance then that will get exactly what you need from him.

Game Predictions

I’m not really sure how you can predict a Pro Bowl. The game is all about the players having fun. They don’t play all out so it’s tough to judge. However, I like the NFC to ultimately win the game with a 27-20 game behind a big performance from Hooper.

Player Predictions

Hooper: 57 receiving yards and two touchdowns.

Jackson: 145 total yards and one touchdown.

Andrews: 36 receiving yards and one touchdown.

Cousins: 112 passing yards and one touchdown.

Allen: 85 receiving yards.

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