New York Jets Should Trade for Minkah Fitzpatrick

Michael Pallas | September 13th, 2019 

According to various reports, ESPN’s including Cameron Wolfe, the Miami Dolphins are allowing second-year defensive back Minkah Fitzpatrick to look for a team to be traded to. The New York Jets should be in the mix and should absolutely do everything they can to trade for the young defensive back.

Fitzpatrick is a talented defensive back, who would fit well into Gregg Williams’ scheme, which requires versatility. The Jets are very thin at corner and safety, especially corner. He’s best when lined up on the outside, and if the Jets use him mostly there, it would enhance their defense all around.

Football is the ultimate team game, and weakness in spots often cause other parts to fail. It’s kind of like injuries. When a person is injured, they will sometimes compensate for that injury by putting strain on another part of the body.

Many have brought up the issues with the Jets pass rush. Coverage and pass rush work hand-in-hand, though. Poor coverage will oftentimes lead to a poor pass rush because the pass rush doesn’t there’s not enough time to get to the quarterback.

Even though football is a team game, we saw how huge of an impact losing C.J. Mosley was for the Jets against the Bills. Improving the coverage on the outside could have the same kind of effect on the team as a whole. A player who can cover and only allow a passer rating of 69.0 is something the Jets absolutely need.

What makes it even better for the Jets is that he could be a cornerstone piece along with Jamal Adams and Sam Darnold. That’s three young cornerstone pieces signed through 2022.

If all it will take is a second-round pick, this is a no-brainer. (For this organization that should be easy.)

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