New York Jets Pre Free Agency Seven Round Mock Draft

Josh Livi  | February 26th, 2020 

The Jets had a really up and down season. They had everything from bringing in generational player Le’Veon Bell, to a laughing stock of a coach, Adam Gase. However, as the season progressed, the Jets’ flaws and weaknesses peaked and opposing defenses began to target the Jets weakness. To make matters even worse, we had Sam Darnold out for half the season because of Mono, and our offensive line was abysmal at best. Bell had absolutely no room to run, Darnold had no time in the pocket, and to make things even worse, we had no playmakers on the outside.

In this mock draft, I will go through the selections the Jets need in order to make a run for the playoffs this upcoming football season.

To help with this mock draft I used Fanspeak Mock Draft Simulator.

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Round 1, Pick 11: CeeDee Lamb, WR, Oklahoma

It is no secret the Jets need a playmaker on the outside. Robby Anderson is a free agent and I’m expecting him to test the market. The Jets need to have a difference-maker on offense and an explosive, dynamic player. Lamb is the pick here. With this selection, it will open up so many plays on offense. The defenses won’t be able to stack the box and stop Bell. Darnold will be able to survey the field and know he has a weapon with blazing speed. Lamb is the pick the Jets need in order to take Darnold to the next level.

Round 2, Pick 48: Trey Adams, OT, Washington

At 6-7 302 pounds, Adams is an above-average blocker. This is exactly what the Jets need and what Bell needs in order to open up some running room. He is just as good as run blocker as he is a pass catcher and that is exactly the type of back Bell is. To top it off, Adams will be sure to protect the most important player for the Jets, Darnold.

Round 3, Pick 68: Jonathon Taylor, RB, Wisconsin

Taylor is a very good and talented running back. You might think to yourself, why would the Jets draft a running back if they have Bell? Well, Ty Montgomery and Bilal Powell are definitely a liability in the run game, and teams will attack them when they are on the field. The Jets need a young running back to be a complementary back to Bell, and I see him one day being a very very good player. The pick here has to do with giving the Jets depth at a weak position. Like how the Dallas Cowboys have Ezekiel Elliott and Tony Pollard. Pollard can be a starter on any other team, but he is an excellent complement to Zeke. So too here, Taylor can be a great compliment to Bell.

Round 3, Pick 79: Nick Harris, C, Washington

Another pick here to protect our future quarterback. The biggest weakness on the Jets is the offensive line. We are addressing the need perfectly by taking Adams a few picks before and Harris here. Harris, like Adams, will do anything they can to help open up holes, and prevent defenders from coming to eat Darnold. He could be one of the best picks at his position.

Round 4, Pick 117: Levonta Taylor, CB, Florida State

Now it is time to address our defense. For the most part, our defense held its own during the 2019 season. We have our captain Jamal Adams anchoring our defense. We had a few rough injuries this year in C.J. Mosley and Avery Williamson. Adams is going to need help against teams that have more than just one weapon on the outside. Taylor gets the pick here. He has great vision, excellent speed, and can adjust his body beautifully for a defender. He has a lot of traits similar to Adams, and if he can become as good as Adams, the Jets defense will be a top-five defense in 2020.

Round 5, Pick 158: Jacob Breeland, TE, Oregon

This pick is strictly contingent on the health of current tight ends Ryan Griffin and Chris Herndon. Herndon hardly played last year and that was a huge disappointment as he was finally making strides. Griffin earned the trust of Darnold as the season went on, but he also, suffered an ankle injury and his season ended early. Breeland is arguably the best tight end in a stacked draft. Breeland has great arms, fantastic legs, and can get those 50-50 jump balls in the end zone. He is a big body and can be another nice target for Darnold. He has all the makings of a star if he is given a chance. His ceiling is that of Jimmy Graham when he was on the New Orleans Saints.

Round 6, Pick 191: T.J. Brunson, LB, South Carolina

Again, we are going to attack the defensive position. We are going to solidify our defense during the 2020 draft and Brunson makes for an exceptional pick here. He plays with so much energy, intensity, has great vision and speed. He is so patient and waits for the play to open up before attacking the ball carrier. He is a major difference-maker on the defensive side and will cause chaos for opposing teams. A defense with Brunson, Adams, Mosley, and Taylor, and the Jets are going to be destroying opposing teams.

Round 6, Pick 211: Kevin Davidson, QB, Princeton

This pick is strictly a depth add. Last year when Darnold was out to due to mono, we had quarterbacks Trevor Siemian, and Luke Falk play meaningful snaps in the NFL. That is totally unacceptable and a disaster waiting to happen. Davidson is a big, strong, mobile quarterback. He has a rocket arm, a tight spiral, and if no play is happening, he is smart enough to use his legs and extend the play. Again, this pick is strictly a depth add, In case Darnold does get hurt or is expected to miss an extended period of time. The Jets should never, ever, ever, have Siemian or Falk play meaningful minutes in a game, let alone in the NFL.

I truly believe If the Jets can redo the offensive line, and get a few pieces added to the defensive side, the Jets could be a dark horse team entering the 2020 NFL Season.

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