NBA Trade Deadline Preview: Pacific Division

Mike Fanelli | February 2nd, 2019

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The NBA trade deadline is just around the corner and the rumor machine is on fire. While most teams won’t make a deal, each will consider many options between now and the February 7th deadline. In a six part series, I will provide one trade each NBA team should consider making between now and the trade deadline. The Pacific division is up next and here is a trade each team should make. Be sure to check out the previous parts on the the Northwest division, Southeast division, Central division and Atlantic division.

Golden State Warriors

Warriors trade Kevon Looney, two future second round picks

Wizards trade Jeff Green

Is there anything the Warriors really need to add? Maybe more confetti for when they win the championship again this season? However, there is always a trade to be made. With DeMarcus Cousins healthy, Looney is going to get limited minutes and will be a free agent this summer. Swapping him and two late second round picks for the versatile Green would just ensure the Warriors have the depth needed on the wing if Draymond Green or Kevin Durant misses a few games with an injury. Green can guard multiple positions and has even played some center for the Wizards this season.

The Wizards are likely to keep their players and make a playoff push but if they decide to be sellers at the deadline and ship off players for draft picks, Green should get a lot of attention. Green is on an one year veteran minimum deal and is the perfect glue guy. The Wizards don’t have a second draft pick till the 2023 draft so getting two back and an expiring contract is a solid return should they decide to be sellers at the deadline.

Los Angeles Clippers

Clippers trade Marcin Gortat, , future second round pick

Knicks trade Enes Kanter

After their hot start to the season the Clippers have fallen to the bottom of the playoff picture. The reason why is the Clippers doesn’t have the star players that other teams in the western conference have. Unless the Clippers make a surprise move for Anthony Davis or Kawhi Leonard, they will likely miss the playoffs this season. Both Gortat and Teodosic average less than 17 minutes per game and have been replaced with younger, more athletic options. If the Clippers can swap them out for a scoring big man like Kanter, if would help the team win this season while protecting their cap space for next summer.

With the Knicks tanking, Kanter’s minutes have been reduced and he has publicly asked for either more minutes or to be traded. If the Knicks can’t trade Kanter, they will likely come to a buy out agreement. However, if the Knicks can flip Kanter for two expiring contracts and a future second round pick, that is better than nothing. After the Kristaps Porzingis trade the only way the Knicks make any more trades at the deadline is if it doesn’t require them to take back salary for next season.

Los Angeles Lakers

Lakers trade Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma, Ivica Zubac, three future first round picks (unprotected)

Pelicans trade Anthony Davis, Tim Frazier, Ian Clark

Alright, let’s get to the trade everyone wants to talk about; Davis to the Lakers. If I am the Lakers, I would give the Pelicans whatever they want for Davis and get a deal done before the trade deadline. Davis joining the Lakers won’t get them to the finals this year but if they can add a third start this summer (Kyrie Irving?) then they are title contenders. The Lakers don’t want to wait till the summer to make a deal because the Boston Celtics have the better trade pieces and draft picks.

It’s been a frustrating time for the city of New Orleans. First the Saints get robbed in the NFC championship game and now Davis wants traded. However, life goes on and the Pelicans need to focus on getting the best package back for Davis. Reportedly, the Pelicans view Ball as a potential star, and if they can get him, two other young prospects and three future unprotected first round picks, that’s an offer they can’t turn down.

Now I don’t think the Pelicans will deal Davis before the deadline because they are angry with the Lakers and Clutch Sports. Plus, they know they can get a better deal if the Lakers and Celtics are betting against each other for Davis. In the end this can either go really well or bad for the Lakers. If Irving resigns with the Celtics, Davis will be more opened to accept a trade to Boston. If that happens, not only will the Lakers miss out on Davis and Irving, but LeBron James will likely end up spending next season as the only star on the roster.

Phoenix Suns

Suns trade Kelly Oubre Jr.

76ers trade Justin Patton, first round pick (top 14 protected)

When the Suns made the trade for Oubre back in December they originally wanted to ship him to Memphis but that trade fell apart. While Oubre has been a solid player for the Suns they have T.J. Warren, Josh Jackson and Mikal Bridges all under contract for the next few years. Oubre a free agent this summer, it only makes sense for the Suns to trade him if they don’t plan on resigning him. If the Suns can net themselves an expiring contract and a first round pick that is a good return for a player they won’t bring back next season.

If the 76ers don’t make a major splash at the deadline, which I doubt happens, look for them to add some shooting and perimeter defenders. Oubre fits both and his age matches up with the 76ers’ long term plans. Oubre is just 23 years old, yet he is an underrated defender and shoots a decent 32% from three this season. The 76ers need to make a push this season as Jimmy Butler may not resign this offseason and even if he does, his prime years are closing soon.

Sacramento Kings

Kings trade Kosta Koufos, Ben McLemore, future second round pick

Bulls trade Jabari Parker

The Kings are at the bottom of the playoff picture in the western conference and while it is unlikely they make the playoffs, they don’t own their draft pick, giving them no reason to tank. With the Kings making a playoff push, swapping out little used Koufos and McLemore for Parker is a smart move to make. Parker will provide more offensive fire power in the second unit and he is still young enough he could be part of team’s long term plans if he plays well. However, if he struggles his $20 million team option for next season could be an appealing trade chip to some teams come July.

Clearly the Parker signing in Chicago hasn’t worked and the Bulls will likely move him for just about anything positive. Both Koufos and McLemore are free agents this summer so the Bulls won’t take back any long term salary. The second round draft pick is likely to be in the 38-47 range and the Bulls could use as many draft picks as possible as they rebuild.

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