MLB Top 10 Plays of the Week 5/27-6/2

Givanni Damico| June 3rd, 2019

I am aware that I included May 27th last week, but I missed a couple of stellar plays. I also needed to include it so that this would cover a calendar week. Don’t worry, we have plenty of great plays from this week.  Above the video of each play, you’ll see something saying “total appearances” and then a number. This signifies the amount of time that the player in the spotlight has made my list.

#10 Gary Sanchez catches Eduardo Nunez sleeping

Nunez got a little bit greedy with his lead here and Sanchez made him pay.

Total Appearances: 1

#9 Leury Garcia does his best Mookie Betts impersonation… by robbing Jason Kipnis of a hit

On last week’s plays of the week, Mookie Betts robbed Jason Kipnis of a single. This time, it’s Leury Garcia. (Sorry for the bad quality, it’s literally the only place that I could find the video.)

Total Appearances: 1

#8 Look what Jeremy Jeffress found!

This play would be higher on the list if it wasn’t total luck that allowed Jeffress to make the catch. Either way, this is a great play that shook Jeffress up.

Total Appearances: 1

#7 Dexter Fowler with a killer catch

You’ll only get the reference if you watch the show “Dexter”. Fowler climbed the stands in foul territory to make a great catch to end the game, while also slapping his glove against a fan.

Total Appearances: 1

#6 The luck of the pitchers continue!

Adam Warren sticks out his glove to make an impressive behind the back catch against his old team.

Total Appearances: 1

#5 Bellinger is not overrated, guys.

Not only can he hit, but Cody Bellinger has an absolute cannon, which was displayed here on this throw to nab the runner at third base.

Total Appearances: 1

#4 Not one… not two… but three NUKES for Derek Dietrich

This guy has developed into an incredible power hitter. He has the Pirates’ number as you can see here, when he hit three home runs against them and then hit them with the Michael Jordan shrug.

#3 Leury Garcia nonchalantly takes a home run away from Jorge Soler

Garcia managed to make the list twice this week. I could have put him on here three times due to another great play, but that play just missed the cut. (Click the link for this one.)

Total Appearances: 2

#2 It’s Trea Day. Trea Turner robs Freddie Freeman of a base hit.

How fast is this guy? His defense is quite underrated as seen here in this fantastic play.

Total Appearances: 1

#1 Did Jonathan Davis just make CATCH OF THE YEAR?!

You could tell by the announcer’s reaction that he thought that there was no way that this play would be made. Davis proved him wrong and flew through the air to make a stellar play.

Total Appearances: 1

Here is last week’s number one play.

Who did it better? Jonathan Davis or Steven Duggar?

Thank you for tuning in to this week’s top plays!

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