MLB The Show Rebuild: Toronto Blue Jays


Daniel Corrigan | June 15th, 2020

Hello, welcome back to my MLB The Show Rebuild Series. Its been a while since my last rebuild with the Pirates, but I can guarantee you, this rebuild was much better than the stupid Pirates.

Just as a reminder, I am writing this article as I am doing the rebuild. So the tone of this article may change from time to time, depending on how things are going.


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Year 1

I was very excited to do this Blue Jays rebuild. They have one of the best young cores in baseball. While they will not be “good” in year one, they will be fun. Having players like Cavan Biggio, Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Bo Bichette, and Lourdes Gurriel Jr. will make for a young, fun team.


I plan to just let year one happen. I won’t be that active at the trade market unless I am blown away by an offer. However, the second I can unload Hyun-Jin Ryu I will. He does not fit in my long term plans and I don’t want that contract on the books.

End Of April- 18-13, 1st place.

Well, how about that? I don’t see this lasting, but I am still going to let the season play out.

End Of June- 42-43, 2nd place (7.5 GB of the Yankees)

Ok, so a little bit of a fall. I saw this happening. One thing is for sure, we need to upgrade our pitching. With that said, I am still looking to get rid of Ryu.

Trade Deadline

Blue Jays Trade: RP: Jake Fishman, SS: Jordan Groshans, Tigers Trade: SP: Daniel Norris

I decided to go after a young starting pitcher. At this time, we are 56-54 and still a long way back of the Yankees. The Tigers are going nowhere so I decided to go after one of their better starting pitchers. I didn’t lose anything that will hinder this rebuild and I gained a solid starter. A true win-win for me.


End Of Year One: 81-81, 3rd place (Missed Playoffs)

Well, that went better than expected. Traditionally, the Blue Jays have been very aggressive in acquiring talent. So, I decided that I can splurge a bit with this team.

Year One Free Agency

My number one priority is to resign Ken Giles. He led the league in saves last season with 51. My bullpen isn’t that “solid” so keeping the best closer in the game will be very big.

There isn’t any talent this season to justify throwing huge money on the market. So I shall try and make smart moves instead. Let’s see how this works!


Welp, Giles walked. To the Red Sox no less. Not good.

HOWEVER, I completed a blockbuster trade with the Red Sox. I know its an Indivision rival, but it makes sense. The Red Sox didn’t pay Mookie Betts the money he deserves and this player is coming up on a contract extension.

Blue Jays Trade: SP: Hyun-Jin Ryu, 2B: Cavan Biggio, Red Sox Trade: OF: J.D. Martinez

That’s right, Jumbo Dong is a Blue Jay. The Red Sox signed Betts back so trying to clear the books is a good idea. Ryu’s contract isn’t that large, so a team like the Red Sox can handle it. Losing Biggio stunk, but I’m willing to make that sacrifice for one of the best pure hitters in the game.


RP: Andrew Miller– 2yr/$10.5 million

SP: Julio Teheran– 4yr/$30.8 million

I decided to just boost the bullpen in free agency. I really like our chances of contending for the AL East this year.

Start of 2021

Expectations are much higher, but I still think it will be a growing year for this young team. We still have to deal with the Yankees, which is never an easy task.

End Of April: 28-3, 1st place


End Of June: 62-23, Way in front of everyone


Trade Deadline: 77-32

Ok, I guess we took more than just a step in the right direction? We are about to punch the gas, I need a true Ace. Its time to stunt on this league.

Blue Jays Trade: SP: Alek Manoah, SP: Daniel Norris, Reds Trade: SP: Trevor Bauer

Norris had a 5.43 ERA. I had to let him go. Besides, Manoah is the true prize in this trade for the Reds. But getting someone like Bauer to be my Ace makes my team almost complete, and we are not even done with year two!

End Of Regular Season: 109-53, 1st place, Number one Seed

Well, how about that? The best record in baseball and I’m only on year two? People are referring to me as a “prodigy.” I say, the jobs not finished.

ALDS vs Yankees

Time to really knock these cheaters out of relevancy. The Yankees finished with a record of 99-63 which is pretty damn good, just not as good as me.

  • Game 1- Blue Jays-6 Yankees-0
  • Game 2- Blue Jays-18 Yankees-8
  • Game 3- Yankees-6 Blue Jays-1
  • Game 4- Blue Jays-2 Yankees-0

Shutting out the Yankees twice in a postseason series? You just hate to see it. We are moving on up!

ALCS vs Indians

Now, this hurts. Do I have to root against my Cleveland Indians? I almost don’t want to win. But in this game, in the simulating a baseball video game, there are no biases, just results. Credit to me for being loyal to my rebuild.

  • Game 1- Indians-4 Blue Jays-2
  • Game 2- Blue Jays-4 Indians-2
  • Game 3- Blue Jays-8 Indians-1
  • Game 4- Blue Jays-5 Indians-4
  • Game 5- Indians-10 Blue Jays-3
  • Game 6- Blue Jays-1 Indians-0

ALCS MVP: Vladimir Guerrero Jr.– .420 BA, 3 HR, 9 RBI

Well hot damn, we are going to the World Series! In only my second year I have completed my goal of taking a team to the World Series. After we try, no, after we WIN the World Series, this rebuild will be over. While it is amazing to only reach the World Series in two years, we are not popping bottles just yet. There is still some unfinished business.

World Series vs Phillies

  • Game 1- Blue Jays-9 Phillies-7
  • Game 2- Blue Jays-5 Phillies-2
  • Game 3- Blue Jays-9 Phillies-5
  • Game 4- Blue Jays-7 Phillies-6

WS MVP: J.D. Martinez– .350 BA, 5 HR, 11 RBI

A sweep! A Championship! A Hollywood ending! What a turn around for the Blue Jays. Again, credit to me for making this happen. This one was just too easy. A round of victory cigars on me!

For my next rebuild, I will be doing the Chicago Whitesox. However, I’m going to try and do a video with commentary for this next rebuild. You have no idea how long it takes me to write these, and I have never done any content with a video component, so I want to try something new. I don’t know when I will do it, I am trying to stretch these out as long as I can. But be on the lookout!

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