Last Day Letters: Dave Gettleman


Connor McIntyre | June 1st, 2019

Dear David Gettleman,

When I heard the New York Giants had brought back a familiar face back in late 2017, I was thrilled, ecstatic, and in awe of the move. I thought for sure that you would fix the Giants and shape them back into the form they were during the 2016 season and better. You were given the second pick in a draft LOADED with talent at quarterback, and a need at the position. You had a good, young, core with Odell Beckham Jr., Sterling Shepard, Evan Engram, and Landon Collins along with a talented veteran presence with Janoris Jenkins, Jason Pierre-Paul, Damon Harrison, and Olivier Vernon. Now, just a year-and-a-half later, only three of those eight guys are still on the roster AND THEY AREN’T EVEN THE THREE BEST.


Let’s backtrack a bit, I’ll even describe the setting. It’s draft day, 2018, you’re on the clock at number two overall. You’ve already brought in Nate Solder and Alec Ogletree and shipped off Pierre-Paul for a third-round pick, all good moves in my opinion. The first pick was quarterback Baker Mayfield, it’s a tough choice between running back Saquon Barkley, or any of the four quarterbacks still on the board. You draft Saquon. Ok, fine, not the move I would have made but an understandable one. Maybe you’ll take Mason Rudolph in the second? Not a spectacular player, but with development and a year learning under Eli Manning, he could be a good pick. With Saquon too, that’s kind of interesting to think about if all goes well. Your pick comes around and Rudolph is still on the board but so is Will Hernandez. You pick Hernandez and, honestly, I can’t argue with that one, I would have picked him too. Rudolph at 34 is a bit of a reach. Your third pick comes around and Rudolph is still on the board and you pick… Lorenzo Carter. Again, not the move I would have made but an understandable one. You have another pick soon and Rudolph might actually be available. And you picked B.J. Hill. Looking back that’s not a terrible pick but at the time I was mad. You had a decent draft but you didn’t pick a quarterback until pick 108 and it’s Kyle Lauletta and Eli is still the starter. This is a problem that needs to be fixed.

The 2018 season comes and goes and the Giants finish with a record of 5-11 and the sixth pick in the 2019 draft. During the offseason, you traded away FREAKING BECKHAM along with Olivier Vernon to the Cleveland Browns for Kevin Zeitler, Jabrill Peppers, and the 17th pick. You just traded away one of your best players, a generational player, in Beckham and a good linebacker. That’s a lot to give up for an above average safety and lineman and a first-round pick. You also let Landon Collins, a spectacular safety go to your division rival, the Washington Redskins and traded away Damon Harrison at the deadline to the Detroit Lions. You brought in Golden Tate, Mike Remmers, Antoine Bethea, and Markus Golden but there’s still a lot of ground to make up for in the draft this year.


In the draft, you have a rare and bizarre opportunity to trade for a quarterback from last year in Josh Rosen or you could draft Dwayne Haskins, arguably the best quarterback in the draft. Linebacker Josh Allen is also on the board and he would fit nicely to replace Vernon. There’s no way you can screw this up, right? Right!? RIGHT!? DANIEL JONES!? WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU THINKING, HE’S THE MASON RUDOLPH OF THE 2019 DRAFT. IT’LL TAKE OVER A YEAR TO DEVELOP HIM! AT SIX!?!? YOU SCREWED UP IN A WAY ONLY ADAM AND EVE CAN COMPETE WITH.

Ok, ok, I’ll calm down, but seriously, I know the “Mahomes Method” seems popular right now, but you still could have done that with Haskins and Jones was a projected third-round pick in some mock drafts. Ok, well, you have a pick to try to make up for this in 12 spots, don’t screw this up. Dexter Lawrence wasn’t a terrible pick but not great either. I was expecting much more so far and I am thoroughly disappointed in this crap. Thank God it’s over for the rest of the night. Wait, what’s this, you’ve traded back into the first round and drafted Deandre Baker; a bit of a reach but, again not terrible.

All in all, you screwed up the Giants pretty badly and you better pray that Jones pans out like you say he will. You drafted one superstar in Saquon, just to trade another away in Beckham. You also didn’t even attempt to draft Beckham’s replacement and Tate is nowhere near Beckham’s level. You passed up a chance at Rosen (again) and an amazing linebacker in Allen as well. I still have hope that Jones pans out, but I’m also a realist and the likelihood of him being worth the pick is slim. Please, for everyone’s sake, get it together, the Giants fan base and I would like to see the Giants be successful again, and you’re not helping them, you’re hurting them.

Oh, well, best of luck in the future and try not to screw up too much.



Connor M.

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