Jacob Eason: 2020 NFL Draft Scouting Report


Alex Kielar | April 23rd, 2020

Jacob Eason, QB, Washington, #10

Height: 6’6″

Weight: 227 lbs

Eligibility: Junior

Games Watched: vs Oregon (2019), vs Utah (2019), vs California (2019), vs Arizona (2019)

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Accuracy 6/10 Has a huge arm but rarely ever puts it to use. He can drop passes right into a receivers bread baskets, but also misses his spot plenty of times. He can throw fastballs into tight windows but will throw behind receivers a number of times.
Arm Strength 9.5/10 His best trait by a long shot, Eason has a cannon for an arm. Has the ability to throw the ball on a rope and with high-velocity throws can fit the ball throw tight spaces. He can throw 60+ yards downfield with ease.
Decision Making 7/10 Doesn’t make the fastest decisions in the world, but can usually find the right spot. He can tend to throw ducks when he’s desperate and just throws it up into double coverage. Does know when to eat it and just try to extend rather than the former most times.
Progressions 5/10 *Insert “Not Great Bob” gif here.* Often waits on the first read while not going through all his reads, which will lead to sacks and mistakes. Aggressive with checking down and will throw to receivers before they are ready.
Poise 7.5/10 Has a lot of willingness to stand in the pocket against pressure. He has some flashes of success in two-minute drills but he has some lapses in judgment.
Mobility 7.5/10 Not a threat in RPOs or design QB runs, but he has enough athleticism to go on the move. Also when he can get on the move, he is dangerous with his arm strength.
Pocket Awareness 7.5/10 He can sometimes wait too long to roll out of the pocket before it collapses around him. He picks up pre-snap pressure but needs to slide within the pocket away from a defender rather than always going out of the pocket.
Mechanics 8/10 He has a good release and strong arm with the natural ability to throw in the pocket. Keeps his strong velocity outside the pocket, needs to work on body positioning on deep routes, and not force anything.
Anticipation 9/10 He knows where routes break and can hit most of his spots. He is good in the and third-down redzone where he trusts his eyes and can squeeze it into tight windows to clutch receivers.
Footwork 6.5/10 He doesn’t have light feet and doesn’t move very well away from pressure. He can get locked up on where to slide his feet a lot of the time.

74/100 Jacob Eason has a very strong arm but needs a lot of work on his progressions and decision-making to be a legitimate starter in the NFL. He needs to be quicker with his reads or he will take a lot of unnecessary pressure and throw up ducks. He will work best in an aggressive downfield passing offense.

Round Grade: Fourth Round

Projected Draft Position: Fourth Round

Pro Comparison: Matt Schaub

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