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Brady Podloski | April 23rd, 2020 

The NFL draft is TODAY(!!!!), and for Dynasty and Superflex players it is an important few days. These are the days where everyone sees where the quarterback will go and if they will have an opportunity to entrench themselves in a starting role. These four quarterbacks will be significantly influenced by the draft. Where each goes and the round they go in, will dictate if they are legitimate starters on your fantasy roster. 

Joe Burrow, QB, LSU

Possible locations: Bengals 


Rumors speculate that Burrow will most likely be the first overall pick in this year’s draft. And it makes sense that he’ll be the first overall pick, as Burrow has all the tools to be a successful dynasty quarterback in the NFL. In ten words Burrow can be described as, a clutch, quick release gunslinger with disturbingly good decision-making & accuracy.  He has the potential to become a franchise quarterback and has top-five potential at the position in six-point touchdown and four-point touchdown leagues. If the Bengals surround him with weapons and give him time, he can be a perennial pro bowler.

Burrow’s quick rise from Joe Blow to the top quarterback in this draft, is something out of a movie. When watching his tape, Burrow’s best attributes are quick reaction time, reading defenses, and his fast release. His best system will be when he has multiple receivers, so he can progress through his reads. If used properly by the Bengals, Burrow should have games where he throws for 400+ yards and multiple touchdowns. For fantasy, if Burrow has a good matchup, he could be a week winning player. 


Burrow’s rookie price tag will depend on the format you play in. For any Dynasty Superflex leagues, Burrow should be considered with the first overall pick because of his QB1 upside. Whereas, Dynasty One-quarterback leagues, he should be considered with a high second-round pick. In all redraft leagues, I’d be hesitant to take him, as his draft price will increase before the season and cost too much relative to how he will perform.

Justin Herbert, QB, Oregon

Possible locations: Dolphins, Chargers, Patriots

One of the most frustrating players in the draft, largely due to decision making. Herbert’s best comparison is Josh Allen, as he has a cannon for an arm and good deep-ball accuracy. As well, he has the athleticism to make plays with his legs but isn’t as willing to run as Allen is. The game to game consistency is a concern for Herbert, as one game he has the potential to throw for four touchdowns and rush for 50 yards. Then the next week, he’ll throw three interceptions and put up a QB40 performance.  

I’m wary about Herbert, but ultimately where he is drafted will dictate if he’s a starter or a developmental prospect. As a top-five pick, Herbert could be serviceable as he may be thrust into the starting role. In essence, Herbert’s fantasy value will be dictated by where he is drafted.


Tua Tagovailoa, QB, Alabama

Possible Locations: Dolphins, Chargers, Jaguars, 

The jury’s out on Tua, primarily due to the injury concerns. Will he be able to start at the beginning of the year? Will his injuries prevent him from being able to participate in OTAs and Minicamp? After tonight we should have some answers if teams and doctors believe he can be a week one starter or if he’ll be on injured reserve. Overall with Tua, I have more questions than answers. However, I’m still willing to draft Tua with a first-round pick in a Dynasty Superflex league because of his long-term QB1 upside, but hesitant in all other league formats. 

Jordan Love, QB, Utah State

Possible Locations: Saints, Raiders, Panthers

Love is, arguably, the biggest boom-bust prospect in the draft. This past year, he had to adapt to a brand new supporting cast and was in essence, the only remaining starter. He’s talented enough to make every throw on the field and is willing to take shots on deep throws. However, Love projects to be a developmental starter, as he can be very inconsistent and can struggle with reads and defensive coverage. His draft capital will dictate if he plays this year.  If drafted outside the top 20 picks, then he may not start until 2021. 

Love would be my high upside pick in a Dynasty Superflex league. If he’s available with a late first-round pick or early second, I’d grab him. However, make sure you have room on your roster, as he may not play this year. In all other formats, I’m not taking a chance on Love unless he’s drafted in the top 10 and starts week one.

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