Fantasy Football Guide: Dynasty League Commissioner 101 Part One

Devin Davis | June 19th, 2019

Many of us have played in a traditional fantasy football redraft, keeper, or potentially even a dynasty league. Well, the time has come to create and commission your own dynasty league this offseason. Regardless of league members, every successful dynasty league requires a committed commissioner. With this comprehensive, multi-article guide, you can learn the essentials of setting up and running your very own dynasty league.

Basic League Rules:

Let’s start with the basics. The most important part of the league is the foundation upon which it is defined. I have generated a list of simple league rules that I highly recommend and encourage you to adopt in your league.

Half-PPR Scoring – Every positional player will receive one-half point for each reception. This scoring achieves the pinnacle balance between wide receivers and running backs. This scoring increases the value of third-down backs while balancing the stud wide receivers with workhorse backs.

Superflex – Roster construction is a crucial element to any fantasy league and the inclusion of a second quarterback to the roster is a must. Without the ability to start a second quarterback, they become extremely undervalued and plentiful across the league. However, the added second slot increases the demand on a rather limited supply of arms in the league.

Eliminate Kickers – When running a fantasy football team for multiple years, the last thing owners want to think about is what useless kicker will I stream this week. Watching playoff matchups be decided by a kicker that scores 15+ is frustrating and ludicrous. Just eliminate them. Nobody wanted them anyway.

Week 16 Championship – This seems like an obvious one, yet, commissioners insist on playing the most crucial matchup of the year on a week when your studs that carried you all season are on your bench. Many essential fantasy players are rested during week 17 which diminishes the quality and competitiveness of the championship showdown.

Deep Benches – Obviously, the exact number depends on your league size and starting lineup size. However, a deep bench is highly encouraged in a dynasty league as it affords promising rookies and deep sleepers the potential to be rostered well before their breakout. Reward the savvy owners. This also increases the value of rookie draft picks due to the fact there is less roster turnover and ability to find a diamond in the rough on the waiver wire.

Free Agency Auction Budget (FAAB) – As opposed to the traditional waiver wire run every night, this style of free agency provides an even playing field for everyone each year. By starting with the same amount of currency (typically $100 with a $0 minimum bid), there is no reward to early season tanking or being an incompetent owner. This rule introduces another layer of fantasy play as well as the added fun and strategy.

Now that we have covered the essential basics, it is it time to give your league some flavor and fun in order to stand out to your league mates. Be sure to check back in for part two of Dynasty League Commissioner 101.

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