Fantasy Baseball

Fantasy Baseball

Fantasy Baseball: Walking the Waiver Wire 6/13

Welcome back to another edition of Walking the Waiver Wire (or, as I like to call it, “Who’s left?”). Hate to sound like a broken record, but the injury hits keep on coming and keeping your fantasy baseball squads afloat this time of the year is goal number one.

Fantasy Baseball: Walking the Waiver Wire 6/6

Time for our weekly feet-first jump from the waiver wire into the free agent pool below. It’s a week into June, and injuries (whether short- or long-term) continue to add up, making upside value as important as always.

MLB Edition: Did You Realize…?

Now that we’re a couple of months into the season, it is interesting to look at some advanced stats that are surprising from various players. So let’s focus on players that have been flying under the radar.

Fantasy Baseball: Walking the Waiver Wire 5/30

When it rains, it pours. We saw plenty of that this week as a maddening torrent caused rainouts and suspended games across the league. There is never a bad time to look at some lesser-owned backup upgrades to deepen those benches, so it’s time to hit the waiver wire.

Fantasy Baseball: Reassessing the First Two Rounds

We are now about two months into the 2021 season and it’s amazing how much the early rounds of our fantasy baseball drafts would be if we could go back and get a mulligan. Injuries, of course, have been the main factor but performance issues also play a role as we reassess the decisions that were made a couple of months ago.

Fantasy Baseball: Walking the Waiver Wire 5/23

How bad is it? Are you one of the only managers who has dodged the injury bullet? Live in fear, it’s coming for you. Is your team languishing in the middle of the crowd? Already cellar-dwelling? No matter where you sit in the current standings, hope is not lost. The Waiver Wire is here for you.

Struggling Pitchers: Cut Bait, Hold, or Buy?

How much patience is too much? For category leagues in particular, having pitchers from the list below can crush your fantasy team’s chances. We all know, however, that many players are slow starters or battling a minor injury and will eventually turn their season around.

Fantasy Baseball: Walking the Waiver Wire 5/16

It’s that wonderful time of year when injuries begin to mount, and crashing the waiver wire is the norm in a game of attrition. If you are one of the lucky few who have dodged the injury bullet thus far, consider yourself lucky.

Fantasy Baseball: Walking the Waiver Wire for Week 6

Time for another rousing round of “Is this guy any good?”, as we comb the waiver wire. We’re seeking players that are turning the corner in May, whether with a hot bat or a strong arm.

Fantasy Baseball: Waiver Wire Adds for Week 5

It’s that time again! Hopefully, it’s not too late. Taking it down to the wire, you need some quick-hitting insight as to who you can pick up for your fantasy rosters.