Enthusiasm should be tempered in Josh Gordon reinstatement


Michael Pallas  Aug 17th, 2019

Pardon my hesitation, but fans of the New England Patriots and fantasy football players should temper their enthusiasm about the return of Josh Gordon. As the saying goes: Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on you. We’ve been down this road before with Gordon, and while he’s clearly tried to kick his addiction (no pun intended), he always seems to go back.

Addictions are hard to stop. So, I give them man and A for effort, but he always gets back on that horse. Clearly, the NFL wants to help as they are allowing him back on the Patriots…conditionally. There’s no report as to the specifics of the conditions, however.


When it comes to specifically on the field, Gordon is permitted to participate in team activities immediately, but he’s not permitted to play until the fourth week of the preseason, a game that typically you don’t see starters in. Even though you may see Gordon, just to get his feet wet, it doesn’t help him in building a rapport with Tom Brady.

His 2018 season did get off to a good start before his suspension. He had 40 catches for 720 yards and three touchdowns. After missing camp, though, I can’t see Bill Belichick jumping right in on allowing Gordon to play. (As a Jets fan, I hate what I am about to write, but it must be said.) In fact, the best play would be to return Week 3 at home against the poor cornerbacks of the New York Jets.


According to Sporting News, he’s also quickly moving up the rankings in fantasy football. Let’s not forget, Gordon hasn’t played a full season since his rookie season, and that was seven years ago. He’s missed two full seasons in 2015-16, and he’s only played 17 games in the last two seasons.

Even though he’s on the Patriots, I will be rooting for him. Redemption stories are great for sports. We have a shining example of that in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Cris Carter went from addict to wearing a gold jacket. He just needed the kick in the backside from Buddy Ryan and the right coach — the late great Dennis Green — to help him get back up.

I will believe it when I see it, though. I have no expectations. I will just sit back, watch, and pray he gets straightened out because if he does, the sky’s the limit.

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