Dallas Cowboys: Ezekiel Elliott should pull an Emmitt Smith

Michael Pallas  Aug 8th, 2019

In order to get what he actually wants, Dallas Cowboys running back needs to repeat history. We have a very unique situation going on with the Dallas Cowboys. We have a running back holding out for more money after outperforming his rookie contract. Ok, so it’s not unique, and it may be history repeating itself.

In 1990, Emmitt Smith wanted a new deal. He held out through Week 2. After the Cowboys went 0-2, they relented and gave him a new contract. They went on to win the Super Bowl. Ezekiel Elliott is in a very similar situation and should holdout into the season just like Smith.

Elliott has all the leverage in this situation, and it’s because of Dak Prescott. Stephen Jones has reportedly said that when Le’Veon Bell signed with the Jets he “reset the market.” There’s only one problem. It’s not an apples-to-apples comparison.

First and foremost, Bell was coming off missing an entire season. Secondly, we have evidence of Prescott’s play deteriorating without Elliott.

Some may say that it was before the addition of Amari Cooper. Cooper also took a huge leap in production after arriving in Dallas. So, in a way, they have a new “Big 3” in Dallas, and they need all of them to be successful.

We’ve seen Cooper without Elliott and Prescott without Elliott, but we haven’t seen Cooper AND Prescott without Elliott. So, what Elliott needs to do is take a risk. Sit out some of the regular season games, just like Smith did, and let the chips fall where they may.

If they are 0-2, just like 1990, the Cowboys will have no choice. Otherwise, Elliott would just have to get back to work.

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