Cole Kmet: 2020 NFL Scouting Report


Steve Seufert | April 23rd, 2020

Cole Kmet, TE, #84

Height: 6’6

Weight: 262 pounds

Cole Kmet is a late entry tight end prospect that is looking to take advantage of the weak tight end class. Kmet is an exciting y-tight end that will look to make his money as a receiver. Thanks to his size, Kmet is an intriguing prospect with upside as both a receiver and a blocker.

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Athletic Ability (6/7):  Kmet posted a 127.4 pSPARQ at the combine. That is good for the 77th percentile, making him a good athlete for the National Football League. He showcases his athletic ability when accelerating off the line of scrimmage. Even when he is playing inline and in a three-point stance, his first snap off the line of scrimmage is nothing short of very good.

Play Strength (3/7):  For Kmet’s size, you would hope for a little more pop behind the shoulder pads. He will benefit from a professional football training program, allowing him to add strength to all facets of the game. He currently struggles to anchor in pass protection and he often loses balances, showing a lack of core strength. Although he is willing, you’d expect more pop in the run blocking game. His play strength is currently only adequate.


Play Speed (3/7):  Other than his first step off the line of scrimmage, there isn’t anything overwhelming about his play speed. In fact, he plays slower than his 4.70 40-yard dash time. There’s very good acceleration off the line of scrimmage that will get you excited, but his straight-line speed looks labored and he’s not going to fool any defensive backs when they’re taking an angle on the ball carrier. When facing off-coverage he’s not going to startle anyone as a vertical threat.

Football IQ (5/7):  Kmet will need more experience as a blocker but there are no doubts that he will develop and become a solid blocker at the next level. As a receiver, he’s much more developed but will need to continue developing nuance in the route running department. With that being said, Kmet shows a solid level of nuance when separating at the top of stem, showing an easy target for his quarterback.

Competitive Toughness (6/7):  This player shows very good competitive toughness in both the passing game and as a blocker. Kmet also shows excellent competitive toughness as a ball carrier, looking to run through anyone within sight. His effort is beautiful but it’s the play strength that truly keeps his competitive toughness from being an elite trait.

Power at Point of Attack (4/7):  Play strength is lacking so his power at the point of attack is currently only adequate. Once the functional strength improves, the balance and power will improve not only in the blocking game but in the receiving game. Kmet will also benefit from working with the offensive lineman as his hand technique and punch placement aren’t up to par.


Route Tree (5/7): Uses his size and his awareness to shake defenders at the top of his stem. Against smaller defensive backs, he will bully you with his effort and physicality at the top of the stem. Even though his play speed is lacking, he does threaten the short area and intermediate area of the football field. This will often open up some seam routes up the middle of the field.

Hands (6/7): Very good soft hands with very good manual dexterity. He often gives his quarterback an open target, showing his hands late. Kmet also scored a very good catch rate in 2019 at 69.4 percent. To expand on his hands, Kmet has an excellent catch radius with a 6’6 frame and 33-inch arms.

RAC Ability (5/7): Play speed is average on his best day. He’s not going to blow by defenders but does show some awareness in the open field, prepping to use a stiff arm or bounce off incoming tacklers. I love his effort in the open field and he flashes some contact balance when he is full steam ahead.

Contested Catch Ability (6/7):  In contested catch situations, Kmet has shown the ability to win at all levels of the field. A lot of it comes down to his effort and very good hands. He also has the catch radius to tower over smaller defenders. Kmet sports hands that are over 10 inches, giving him a strong grip on the football.

Unweighted Grade: 4.3 = late 3rd round grade.

Player Comparison: Martellus Bennett, Green Bay Packers

Overview: Kmet should become a plug and play on day one, thanks to his effort and receiving ability. He has the competitive toughness, hands, and contested-catch ability to stick around in the National Football League. In the proper situation, I think Kmet can become a league-average tight end by year three.

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