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Pranav Ramasubramanian | September 30th, 2019 

The NBA season is less than a month away and after all the offseason craziness everyone is itching to see how some of the new-look teams will fare. The Los Angeles Clippers held Media Day for the press yesterday to showcase some of their new players in Clipper threads especially big free agent signings Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. The players talked to the media in pairs yesterday here’s what some of them said.

Paul George and Montrezl Harrell

Question: Both of you guys play with a lot of physicality and toughness, How do you guys plan to implement that this season when you play against other teams?

Harrell: I’m not going to change anything I’m doing.

George: We ain’t changing anything.


Harrell: As far as the way I play because of how physical I play around the basket it will stay the same.

George: It’s gonna make me more hyped to play more even more physical, Trez should take care of it.

Harrell: Nice.

JaMychal Green and Ivica Zubac

Question: What part of your game did you most work on during the summer?


Green: Just made sure that I got a lot of shots up so I can continue to knock down threes continuing to open up the floor for Zu, and Trez. Also, another focus was ballhandling and getting to the basket so I can create for my teammates.

Zubac: Yeah I was working on my three-point shot trying to be like JaMychal while trying to polish my inside game by trying to get better at finishing and initiating contact in the paint. That’s gonna be a big part of my game.


Jerome Robinson

Question: What are the film sessions with Doc Rivers like?

Answer: They are long film sessions, but I mean it’s just so much knowledge after a while you are able to catch on to the routine of it. We go over the offense and the defense and after that point, it’s an open room if somebody has input to put in they are gonna express it. If it clashes with Doc then they are gonna talk it out and figure out the right solution for us to be better.

Maurice Harkless and Patrick Patterson

Question: Both of you guys have bounced around several destinations, how eager are you guys for the season to start?

Harkless: I’m excited for the season to start just like any other season. I don’t think where we’re playing matters to me it’s just about being out there and getting going in a season. That’s exciting in itself.

Patterson: Yeah we are one of the lucky guys who are able to do something that they love on a daily basis. As soon as tomorrow hits we’re all just focused so we can be ready to get out there and get to work.

Mfiondu Kabengele and Terance Mann

Question: How excited were you guys when you got the phone call from the Clippers telling you that they were gonna draft you?

Kabengele: Yeah so I was picked and then when I got picked I went through the whole media circuit that players usually go through. I was talking to L and he said your man Terance is on the board still. I said it was gonna be crazy and L said how crazy would it be if you played with him to which I responded by saying it would be insane. At that time the pictures were still going through and as I was going through the whole media circuit I was watching the TVs. When the Clippers were up and they picked Terrence Mann I was thrilled, it was insane to kinda see that me and him were on the same team again.

Mann: Yeah I mean I didn’t know that he got picked by the Clippers cause it was the Brooklyn Nets pick, but when I heard I was getting picked I was extremely excited you know to be able to stay in the sun. I used to be in Florida and now I’m in California and this team had the playoff season last year and all so I was very enthusiastic for myself and my family.

The audio of all the interviews is now available on YouTube on the Hitting Hard and Tough with Pranav channel. You can also choose to view it below.

Some exclusive video content from the event will also be available tomorrow. A special thanks to Colette Garcia and the Los Angeles Clippers organization for this wonderful opportunity! The Clippers are gearing up towards a big season and the players seem as ready as ever to try and put their first banner up in Staples Center.

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