Binjimen Victor: 2020 NFL Draft Scouting Report


Alex Kielar | January 20th, 2020

Binjimen Victor, WR, Ohio State, #9

Height: 6’4”

Weight: 199 lbs

Year: Senior

Victor put up his most productive season in 2019 (34 REC, 545 YDS, 6 TDs) after waiting in the wings behind other NFL-caliber receivers on the Buckeyes. He has a great ability to extend plays and give his quarterback a chance at making a play. Let’s break down his overall game.

He uses his speed to break away from corners and shows a burst after the catch, as he averages 16 yards per catch. That shows his yards after catch (YAC) ability. With Ohio State having such a solid receiving corp over the last few years (Terry McLaurin, K.J. Hill, Parris Campbell, etc.), Victor was overshadowed somewhat but is still a solid receiver.

I grade on a 100-point scale being distributed ten ways with ten different criteria. For wide receivers, these criteria include Frame, Speed, Strength/Physicality, Release, Hips/Footwork, Catching, Playmaking/YAC, Contested Balls, Route Running, and Athleticism.

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Frame (8/10)

Victor has a solid frame for an outside receiver and uses this to his advantage in catching contested passes in coverage.

Speed (9.5/10)

Victor has blazing-fast speed which makes him a very good deep threat. He accelerates and goes into second gear at a crazy clip in the open field which gives him extra YAC.


Strength/Physicality (7.5/10)

As I said earlier, Victor uses his big frame to come up with contested catches, while also fighting for the extra yards. He isn’t extra physical but can knock off softer coverages.

Release (6.5/10)

Victor breaks off the line of scrimmage fairly well but takes him some time to get going. He runs with long strides, so this will be something hard to improve on.


Footwork (8/10)

Victor has some of the best footwork which was shown on some of his sideline and corner of the endzone receptions. There is room for improvement here for his footwork coming off the line of scrimmage, but he can also break some ankles while running in the open field.

Catching/Hands (9/10)

As a receiver who doesn’t mind having to work outside the numbers, Victor is definitely a natural pass-catcher. He does excellent work on contested plays with a large catch radius.

Playmaking/YAC (8/10)

As I said earlier, Victor is a great playmaker and accelerates into second gear after the catch. He is excellent at stopping on a dime and driving the coverage back, however, he could be better in tighter coverage.

Contested Balls (8.5/10)

Victor is one of the best contested pass-catchers in this class and can make plays even with a defender draped all over him.

Route Running (7.5/10)

Victor could use some work on his underneath routes but seems very comfortable running slant routes. Some of his best plays are on slant and vertical routes, and he could have benefited some from the natural space that was given to him.

Athleticism (9/10)

Victor is very elusive and fluent while showing elite burst in the open field. He has natural talent and still has room to develop into an even stronger receiver.

Overall (81.5/100)

With a few things to work on including his route running and getting off the line, Victor is a high-ceiling receiver who should be able to make an immediate impact on an NFL roster. He didn’t have as much production at Ohio State as most NFL-bound receivers would like to see, but only because of the such high-level of talent the Buckeyes have had at that position around him. A team in need of a speedy, playmaking receiver can take a flyer on him and he will be towards the top of their depth chart.

Round Grade: Early Third Round
Projected Draft Position: Mid Third Round
Pro ComparisonTravis Benjamin

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