Assessing the Tigers Trade Pieces


Tom Greene    | July 23rd, 2019

At the start of the season, the Detroit Tigers had a glimmer of hope. With a rotation of Matt MooreMichael Fulmer, Matt Boyd, Jordan Zimmermannand Daniel Norris, the Tigers looked to improve upon their first season under Ron Gardenhire. However, the injury bug hit… and it hit hard. This bug depleted the rotation as well as the infield and has forced the Tigers and Al Avila into an ultimatum- time to sell and pick up prospects.

Three of the Tigers have drawn major interest from different teams. Boyd, Nicholas Castellanos, and Shane Greene. Let’s take a look at their worth, and what the Tigers should get for them if they’re dealt.


Matt Boyd

With the injuries that have plagued Detroit, Boyd has had to take the Ace’s role. He has been effective for the hand that he’s given. This year, he’s 6-8 with a 4.13 ERA and 2.7 WAR. What is it good for? Perhaps a pair of top-100 prospects, and someone that can play in the majors today. A pitcher will definitely have to be one of those prospects.

However, let’s look at the contract. Boyd signed a one-year, $2.6 Million deal to start the season. This contract comes with three years of control through arbitration. So, if the Tigers are willing to move him, the team receiving him will have to go through three years of arbitration… or just sign him to a big deal. It’s a very risky price to pay, so the Tigers have to set the bar high. It’s possible Boyd stays in Detroit after July 31.


Nick Castellanos

The Tigers’ offense has been very spotty this season. With that being said, there are two bright spots. Miguel Cabrera and Castellanos have done the damage when others can’t. This season, Castellanos is hitting .284 with 11 homers and 36 RBI’s with a 1.4 WAR (5.7 career WAR). What is it good for? Perhaps a similar, but less strict, price as Boyd. A pair of top-100s and a major-league ready guy. An outfielder will have to be included in the package, as the Tigers have mainly played him in the outfield.

Let’s look at his contract. Unlike Boyd, he does not have the three years of arbitration in his name. He’s signed to a one-year, $9.95 Million deal. Also unlike Matt Boyd, Castellanos has voiced his displeasure with the Tigers and Comerica Park. If you have a disgruntled player, it’s in the best interest of both team and player to move him. The Tigers will most likely do that before July 31st. For more on Castellanos’ displeasure, check out this article from Antonio Losada, a fellow Scorecrow writer.

Shane Greene

The Tigers’ bullpen is, well, the Tigers’ bullpen. But, Greene has been the diamond in the rough amongst the pile. Greene is 0-2, with a 1.25 ERA, 22 saves (on a 30-win team, nonetheless) and a 1.4 WAR. What is it good for? (Absolutely nothing, HUH!)

Ok, joke set aside, in this day and age, a great bullpen leads you to a World Series title. The price will be high, as this is the most valuable pitcher on the staff (yes, including the starters). It will be at least two top-100 prospects, most likely three. A major-league ready player may be included in the deal. The offer will be something Detroit can’t refuse as the team is in a rebuild. It will be fascinating to see what comes their way. I can say with some confidence that Greene won’t be a Tiger after July 31st.


Anyone else?

Boyd, Castellanos, and Greene are the three guys that are likely to leave. It’s hard to see anyone outside of those three get dealt, but anything can happen. Miguel Cabrera still has five years left on his mega-deal. No teams will want to take the hit, despite his greatness. Norris is valuable, but more to Detroit’s rebuild as a veteran presence. Again, anything can happen, but it’s most likely Boyd, Castellanos, and Greene that could be dealt before July 31st at 4PM Eastern.

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