2019 Fantasy Football: Week 9 PPR Rankings


Frank Ammirante  | October 30th, 2019 

We have passed the half-way point of the season – it’s time to buck up and finish your season strong! Last week featured a couple of smash performances by Tevin Coleman and Aaron Jones. We also saw Mike Evans erupt against the Titans. This week features a bounce-back spot for a star running back who has struggled this season. On to Week 9!

1Russell Wilsonvs. Buccaneers
2Deshaun Watsonat Jaguars
3Aaron Rodgersat Chargers
4Lamar Jacksonvs. Patriots
5Dak Prescottat Giants
6Matthew Staffordat Raiders
7Josh Allenvs. Redskins
8Kirk Cousinsat Chiefs
9Jameis Winstonat Seahawks
10Tom Bradyat Ravens
11Sam Darnoldat Dolphins
12Gardner Minshewvs. Texans
13Derek Carrvs. Lions
14Carson Wentzvs. Bears
15Daniel Jonesvs. Cowboys
16Philip Riversvs. Packers
17Jimmy Garoppoloat Cardinals
18Jacoby Brissettat Steelers
19Mitchell Trubiskyat Eagles
20Ryan Tannehillat Panthers
21Kyler Murrayvs. 49ers
22Mason Rudolphvs. Colts
23Baker Mayfieldat Broncos
24Matt Moorevs. Vikings

Wilson reclaims the QB1 throne against a pass-funnel Bucs defense that is allowing 285.9 passing yards per game. This game has shootout potential with a 51.5 point total. The dark horse for QB1 is Jameis Winston, who will likely have to play catch-up in a high-scoring game against the Seahawks. Seattle’s defense is allowing 273.2 passing yards per game, so Jameis will have opportunities for big plays in this game.

Running Backs
1Christian McCaffreyvs. Titans
2Dalvin Cookat Chiefs
3Ezekiel Elliottat Giants
4Saquon Barkleyvs. Cowboys
5Aaron Jonesat Chargers
6Le’Veon Bellat Dolphins
7Leonard Fournettevs. Texans
8Nick Chubbat Broncos
9Josh Jacobsvs. Lions
10Derrick Henryat Panthers
11Tevin Colemanat Cardinals
12James Connervs. Colts
13Chris Carsonvs. Buccaneers
14Marlon Mackat Steelers
15Austin Ekelervs. Packers
16Phillip Lindsayvs. Browns
17Carlos Hydeat Jaguars
18James Whiteat Ravens
19Mark Ingramvs. Patriots
20Melvin Gordonvs. Packers
21Sony Michelat Ravens
22Jordan Howardvs. Bears
23David Montgomeryat Eagles
24Royce Freemanvs. Browns
25Devin Singletaryvs. Redskins
26Matt Breidaat Cardinals
27Jamaal Williamsat Chargers
28Miles Sandersvs. Bears
29LeSean McCoyvs. Vikings
30Kenyan Drakevs. 49ers
31Frank Gorevs. Redskins
32Adrian Petersonat Bills
33Mark Waltonvs. Jets
34Damien Williamsvs. Vikings
35Duke Johnsonat Jaguars
36Tarik Cohenat Eagles

McCaffrey showed how matchup-proof he really is, racking up 155 yards from scrimmage and one touchdown against a dominant 49ers defense last week. He takes on the Titans this week, a team that is stout against the run, but CMC’s dominance keeps him in the top spot. The dark horse for RB1 is Jacobs, who faces a Lions defense that is allowing 130.7 yards per game on the ground. Jacobs gets enough volume to put up huge numbers in this game.

Wide Receivers
1DeAndre Hopkinsat Jaguars
2Tyler Lockettvs. Buccaneers
3Chris Godwinat Seahawks
4Amari Cooperat Giants
5Mike Evansat Seahawks
6Kenny Golladayat Raiders
7Keenan Allenvs. Packers
8Stefon Diggsat Chiefs
9Tyreek Hillvs. Vikings
10Allen Robinsonat Eagles
11Julian Edelmanat Ravens
12DJ Charkvs. Titans
13T.Y. Hiltonat Steelers
14JuJu Smith-Schustervs. Colts
15Adam Thielenat Chiefs
16Courtland Suttonvs. Browns
17John Brownvs. Redskins
18Odell Beckham Jr. at Broncos
19Michael Gallupat Giants
20Tyrell Williamsvs. Lions
21D.K. Metcalfvs. Buccaneers
22Marvin Jonesat Raiders
23Curtis Samuelvs. Titans
24Mike Williamsvs. Packers
25D.J. Moorevs. Titans
26Robby Andersonat Dolphins
27Golden Tatevs. Cowboys
28Dede Westbrookvs. Texans
29Alshon Jefferyvs. Bears
30Emmanuel Sandersat Cardinals
31Jamison Crowderat Dolphins
32A.J. Brownat Panthers
33Terry McLaurinat Bills
34Kenny Stillsat Jaguars
35Corey Davisat Panthers
36Christian Kirkvs. 49ers
37DeVante Parkervs. Jets
38Diontae Johnsonvs. Colts
39Marquez Valdes-Scantlingat Chargers
40Anthony Millerat Eagles
41Jarvis Landryat Broncos
42Danny Amendolaat Raiders
43Preston Williamsvs. Jets
44Phillip Dorsettat Ravens
45Marquise Brownvs. Patriots
46Darius Slaytonvs. Cowboys
47Larry Fitzgeraldvs. 49ers
48Mohamed Sanuat Ravens

Hopkins’ target share puts him in the WR1 slot, as he has received 37 targets in his last 3 games. He takes on a Jaguars defense that no longer has Jalen Ramsey to match up with him. Hopkins should get loose in the secondary in this game. The dark horse for WR1 is Robinson, who has quietly had a fantastic season. He has been targeted 32 times in the last 3 games. Robinson faces an Eagles defense that is allowing 256.1 yards per game through the air.

Tight Ends
1George Kittleat Cardinals
2Darren Wallervs. Cowboys
3Travis Kelcevs. Vikings
4Evan Engramvs. Cowboys
5Hunter Henryvs. Packers
6Mark Andrewsvs. Patriots
7Zach Ertzvs. Bears
8T.J. Hockensonat Raiders
9Jonnu Smithat Panthers
10Jimmy Grahamat Chargers
11Dallas Goedertvs. Bears
12Eric Ebronat Steelers
13Darren Fellsat Jaguars
14Cameron Brateat Seahawks
15Vance McDonaldvs. Colts
16Jason Wittenat Giants
17Greg Olsenvs. Titans
18Kyle Rudolphat Chiefs
19Jack Doyleat Steelers
20Noah Fantvs. Browns
21Dawson Knoxvs. Redskins
22Ben Watsonat Ravens
23Irv Smith Chiefs
24Jordan Akinsat Jaguars

Kittle remains at TE1 spot, ready for a match-up that we have exploited all year: TEs vs. the Cardinals. The dark horse for TE1 is once again Hockenson, as he remains a weekly sleeper due to his athletic ability and upside for multiple touchdowns. The rookie is heavily targeted in the red zone, so he’s a good player to bet on in a likely shootout.

1New England Patriotsat Ravens
2San Francisco 49ersat Cardinals
3Cleveland Brownsat Broncos
4Buffalo Billsvs. Redskins
5Philadelphia Eaglesvs. Bears
6Denver Broncosvs. Browns
7Carolina Panthersvs. Titans
8New York Jetsat Dolphins
9Seattle Seahawksvs. Buccaneers
10Minnesota Vikingsat Chiefs
11Dallas Cowboysat Giants
12Pittsburgh Steelersvs. Colts

I might as well write the Patriots as D/ST1 with a sharpie because their historic dominance makes them the best bet on a weekly basis. The dark horse for D/ST1 is the Browns, who face a sixth-round rookie QB in Brandon Allen and the Broncos. Expect a bunch of sacks and turnovers for this Browns defense.

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