Team Draft Recaps

Team Draft Recaps

Arizona Cardinals 2021 NFL Draft Recap

The Arizona Cardinals came into this year’s draft with some work to do. With one of the weaker 2020 draft classes, the Cardinals looked to get some major talent this year to push them into the playoffs.

San Francisco 49ers 2021 NFL Draft Recap

The San Francisco 49ers went from Super Bowl Contenders in 2019 to a 6-10 season and last place in the NFC West in 2020. The team faced an onslaught of injuries from the get-go and ended the season with a league-high 18 players on the injured reserve.

Atlanta Falcons 2021 NFL Draft Recap

The Atlanta Falcons came into the 2021 NFL Draft with some major holes to fill, especially on the defensive side of the ball. They ended up making nine selections in the draft and boy were there some good ones.

Carolina Panthers 2021 NFL Draft Recap

The Carolina Panthers set and tied franchise records in the 2021 NFL Draft. The Panthers set the franchise record with five trades during the draft and tied the franchise record with 11 drafted players.

Las Vegas Raiders 2021 NFL Draft Recap

The Las Vegas Raiders had a very Raiders Esque draft. Mike Mayock and Jon Gruden made questionable decisions all over the place that had the fans going crazy. Many said this selection was a reach and that they could’ve gotten Alex Leatherwood in the second round if they traded back. This is simply not true, however.

Seattle Seahawks 2021 NFL Draft Recap

The Seattle Seahawks had very few selections to fill several key positions of need. Let’s find out how the highlights and lowlights of the draft panned out in one of the most crucial drafts in recent memory.

Kansas City Chiefs 2021 NFL Draft Recap

Heading into the 2021 NFL Draft, the Kansas City Chiefs only had a few spots to fill after bolstering their offensive line through free agency and trades.

Houston Texans 2021 NFL Draft Recap

The Houston Texans didn’t enter this draft with a lot of assets, as the team looks to recover from former head coach Bill O’Brien’s last two years. The Texans weren’t going to flip their fortunes overnight in the 2021 NFL Draft, but they had a rough first go of it, right from their first pick.

Los Angeles Rams 2021 NFL Draft Recap

The Rams are all in. Sending starting quarterback Jared Goff along with two first-round picks for Matthew Stafford makes that quite clear. Did the Rams repair their roster to go all the way? Let’s find out.

Chicago Bears 2021 NFL Draft Recap

Bears General Manager, Ryan Pace, was all about making moves in the 2021 draft. In fact, outside of the compensatory picks, the Bears did not draft from their original draft position in any of the seven rounds of the draft. They were all acquired during trades. The Bears had seven total picks after trading up twice in the first two rounds and trading back in round six. In moving up, they lost their first and fourth-round pick in 2022. Pace definitely made a splash in this year’s draft.