Team All-Time Rosters

Team All-Time Rosters

St. Louis Cardinals All-Time 26-Man Roster

They have been known as the Cardinals since 1900. Consistency has been a trademark of the franchise. Since 1926 they have never gone more than 18 seasons without making the playoffs.

New York Mets All-Time 26-Man Roster

The New York Mets came into the league in 1962. They were the worst team in history that season going 40-120. However, just seven years later, they took home their first championship.

San Francisco Giants All-Time 26-Man Roster

The New York Giants moved to San Francisco in 1958. They have eight World Series championships with their first in 1905 and their last in 2014.

Texas Rangers All-Time 26-Man Roster

For their All-Time roster, you will find a very good lineup and some old pitchers. However, everyone on this roster, except for one player, played elsewhere.

Seattle Mariners All-Time 26-Man Roster

The Seattle Mariners have a relatively short history, as they were founded in 1977. Who makes their all-time roster?

Chicago Cubs All-Time 26-Man Roster

The Chicago Cubs are by far one of the most storied franchises in all of baseball, and they have had their share of great players over the years.

Houston Astros All-Time 26-Man Roster

The Houston Astros started off as the Colt 45s in 1962. Despite the struggles, especially in the early years, they have had some Hall of Famers put on the uniform.

Kansas City Royals All-Time 26-Man Roster

The Kansas City Royals have been a franchise since 1969. They have two World Series titles and one Hall-of-Famer. Let’s take a look at who else makes their All-Time roster.

Atlanta Braves All-Time 26-Man Roster

The Atlanta Braves are one of the most historic franchises in American sports history. With that, they have a number of great players over their 150 years of existence. Who makes their 26-man roster?

Detroit Tigers All-Time 26-Man Roster

The Detroit Tigers have a long, storied franchise. Although they have won just four World Series titles, they have had some of the greatest players in the game come through their organization. This wasn’t easy.