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New England Patriots 7 Round Mock Draft: Tom Brady and Bill Belichick going all in for a repeat

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick just lead the New England Patriots to their sixth SuperBowl win, but for the Patriots they never take a day off on a quest for SuperBowls. The loss of Rob Gronkowski is devastating and the Patriots don’t do much in free agency so the draft is where they restock their roster. The Patriots have 12 picks and have some needs they need to hit on to win the AFC yet again.

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New England Patriots: Wide Receivers to Target in the First 3 Rounds

With an evident lack of receivers on the Patriots’ roster, New England should focus its draft capital on receivers to aid an aging Tom Brady.

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Oakland Raiders Mock Draft: Team Lands One of the Draft’s Top Receivers

Kieth Domon explains how the Raiders fulfill their many needs in the 2019 NFL Draft.

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