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The Ultimate NBA Trade Deadline Recap (Part 2)

As you probably already know, Anthony Davis is not a Laker (yet?). Mike Conley is shockingly still in Memphis. We didn’t see Beal or Kemba or Vucevic leave town. What we did see was still madness though, and Mike Fanelli and I have decided to break it down for you, trade by trade. This is the second part of a four-part series where we’ll go over each of the 22 trades made this week, providing commentary and our own personal grades for each team’s involvement in each move. You can find part one here. Hope you enjoy!   –   Josh

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Dallas Mavericks: 2018 Season Preview

The Dallas Mavericks have dropped to a below average team since their championship victory in 2011. Their once star players have either left or gotten too old and it’s obvious that the Mavericks need a new, younger core to their team. Through seasons of tanking, the Mavericks now have a bright future. Will the Mavericks take advantage of their new assets? Can Dallas compete in an extremely competitive Western Conference this season?

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