Toilets To Titles: Episode 57 | 1 Year Podaversary

On this week’s episode, Coach, Justin & Nate celebrate the 1 year Podaversary of the podcast by recapping the past year. Thanks for listening! Check us out on our socials: 

Toilets To Titles: Down Under Dynasty | Episode 3

AJ from Aussie Guys NFL dropped by to talk Dynasty Fantasy Football with Ben and Mat, telling the story of how he discovered the NFL. They discuss some trades AJ has made in the dynasty league that they all play in together, and AJ explains how he made an orphan team all his own.

Toilets To Titles: Episode 56 | 4 Round, Superflex, Rookie Mock

On this week’s episode our hosts are joined for a rookie mock with guests John Laub (@GridironSchol91), Kyle (@DoglegBrewer) & Tyler (@Tyler_FF_) for a post-NFL Draft, 4 round superflex rookie

Buck-Guys Talk: We Are Talking Hoops

For the first time this year, Buck-Guys Talk really dives into the current state of the NBA. We also take a look at the current landscape of the MLB season. Finally, would you trade Baker Mayfield for Aaron Rodgers?

Dorm Room Dispute, Ep. 116: Aaron Rodgers To The Broncos

In Episode 116  of the Dorm Room Dispute podcast, Marshall makes his case for Russell Wilson as a top three-point guard of all time. Marshall and Mitch also discuss who should be the NBA MVP this season, why LeBron is wrong about the NBA play-in tournament, and the MLB extra-inning rules.

Toilets To Titles: Episode 55 | NFL Draft Reaction

On this week’s episode, Justin and Rich have their NFL Draft Reaction talk and analyze the landing spots of the most intriguing players from the 2021 NFL Draft. The team

Toilets To Titles: Down Under Dynasty | Episode 2

Ben and Mat talk to Mark Bull from Dynasty Football Factory. They also discuss the ups and downs in the values of veteran players, such as Sterling Shepard, after the 2021 NFL Draft.

Buck-Guys Talk: NFL Draft Recap

The NFL Draft in Cleveland has officially concluded and we break down the entire first round. We also talk about some notable picks outside of night one.

Toilets To Titles: Episode 54 | 2021 NFL Draft Immediate 1st Round Recap with Shane Hallam

After the conclusion of the 1st round of the 2021 NFL Draft, Shane Hallam (@ShanePHallam) joined our host Coach Schepps (@CoachSchepps) to discuss the selections and give their immediate reactions.

Episode 114 Dorm Room Dispute Podcast, Should Bumgarner’s No Hitter Count?

In Episode 114 of the Dorm Room Dispute podcast, Mitchell and Patrick discuss the impact of Antonio Brown resigning with the Buccaneers. The two also break down Teddy Bridgewater being

Toilets to Titles: Episode 53 | NFL Draft Skill Player Discussion w/Matt Waldman

To celebrate this week’s NFL Draft, Justin (@JustinFF_) & John (@CoachSchepps) brought on special guest Matt Waldman (@MattWaldman) of the Rookie Scouting Portfolio. The guys talked to Matt about his

Dorm Room Dispute: Episode 113 | Super League Drama and NFL Mock Draft

Mitchell opens the Dorm Room Dispute podcast with a warning to Bears fans about what Ryan Pace might do on draft night. He also discusses why Mac Jones to the

Buck-Guys Talk: Final Mock Drafts

The NFL draft is under a week away, so that means it is time to release our final mock drafts. We discuss if Justin Fields should be the second pick on Thursday and how certain quarterbacks falling may shakeup the entire top 10.

Massholes with Mics: Red Sox Continue to Surge, Yankees in Freefall, and Dodgers-Padres

On this episode of Massholes with Mics, Jeremy, Jordan, and Sean discussed the Red Sox and their series against the Twins and White Sox, debated the highs and lows of the team thus far, and talked about both the Yankees’ slow start and the budding rivalry between the Dodgers and Padres.

Toilets to Titles, Episode 50: Shane Hallam’s 2021 NFL Mock Draft

Shane joins the show to discuss his latest 2021 NFL Draft mock draft. We go over every pick in the 1st round.

Buck-Guys Talk: Smokescreen Season

The NFL draft is under a month away and the smokescreens are very smoky. Could the Atlanta Falcons be behind all the Mac Jones rumors? Is it possible they are trying to drive up the value of their pick? Well, obviously, yes, this is what happens in the NFL draft.

Dorm Room Dispute, Ep. 111: La Russa’s Bullpen Management

In Episode 111 of “Dorm Room Dispute”, Mitchell rants about Tony La Russa’s managerial decisions after the first week of play.

Massholes with Mics: March Madness Plus a Candy Bracket with the Old Bracket Boys

It’s a reassembling of some of the oldest Prime Time Sports Talk members for “Massholes with Mics” as Jeremy is joined by Pat, Kyle, and Davis to discuss March Madness.

Massholes With Mics: Red Sox Get Swept, the Gang Reacts

Jeremy, Sean, and Jordan are back with “Massholes with Mics” to discuss the Red Sox’ sweep at the hands of the Orioles.

Toilets to Titles, EP 49: Rookies Only Five Round Draft With The Undroppables

John is joined by some very special guests to complete a five round, rookies-only draft, featuring analysts from The Undroppables.

Buck-Guys Talk: Money Talks

Baseball is finally back! It would be nice if the Cleveland baseball team got that memo. With fans finally back in the park, we finally got a first taste of the Astros being booed.

Dorm Room Dispute, Episode 110: Baseball Is Back And Godzilla Is On Roids!

Mitchell and “Dorm Room Dispute” celebrate Opening Day with optimism and provide some White Sox propaganda. He also theorizes that Godzilla was using steroids against King Kong. Patrick Kushman joins

From the A to the Bay, Episode 11: Ryan Dillard

Kevin and Jordan are joined this week on “From the A to the Bay” by 49ers PREP coordinator Ryan Dillard to discuss how he has kept busy without the option

Massholes with Mics: Opening Day is Near

In this episode, the “Baseball Boys” open up with some Red Sox roster notes. Later, they take a turn for the league as a whole, predicting how the league standings will shake up and more.

From the A to the Bay, Episode 10: Andre Ingram

Kevin and Jordan are joined by former NBA G-League player and Los Angeles Laker Andre Ingram. Andre talks about his career, that wonderful week in 2018 when he finally received

The Gold Zone, Episode 11: Kevin King Returns and CB Prospect Previews

Kevin King has returned to the Packers, and the Gold Zone definitely has their opinions. With MJ back from concussion protocol, Jake and AJ get his takes on NFL free

Buck-Guys Talk: Pre-Draft Day Trades Shake the NFL

As is customary, the Buck Guys somehow get into a Darren Rovell conversation. This time, we look at some of his worst tweets and takes of all time. Right before

Toilets to Titles, EP 48: Where have all the Free Agents gone?

Today, Justin and Toilets to Titles are joined by guest Rich (@rgonzalezrm) to discuss all of the 2021 NFL Free Agency happenings and the impact those moves have on the

Massholes with Mics: What Should the Patriots do at Quarterback?

In the latest episode of “Massholes with Mics” Jaclyn, Jeremy, and Jordan discuss more Patriots free agency news from the last week, as well as what the Patriots should do

Dorm Room Dispute Episode 109: The Valley Runs Deep!

In episode 109 of the Dorm Room Dispute podcast explains why Cameron Krutwig is the people’s champion! Mitchell is thrilled that March Madness has shown us who the best conference

Massholes with Mics: the Celtics and the NBA Trade Deadline

Pat joins Jeremy and Jordan to talk all things Boston Celtics ahead of Thursday’s NBA Trade Deadline. The guys discuss the Celtics and underachieving and the possibility of certain players

The Gold Zone Episode 10: Packers Re-sign Aaron Jones and Linsley Walks

In episode 10 of “The Gold Zone”, AJ and Jake break down the beginning of the NFL free agency period. With the Packers bringing back Aaron Jones and Corey Linsley leaving for the Chargers, the debates began early and often and led to Kellen Mond as usual.

Toilets to Titles Episode 47: Dynasty Startup Mock 2.0

Toilets to Titles brings five of the team members together today, along with long-time fan and supporter Rich as our very special guest, to help us with our second 12 team Dynasty Startup Mock draft of the season.

Buck-Guys Talk: March Sadness

While March Madness is back after a year off, Ohio State lost to Oral Roberts on Friday. In the latest edition of the Buck-Guys Talk podcast, we cover the tournament so far and more.