Balls in the Gutter: Drafting Up Drama

We love the NFL Draft and we are making predictions for the prop bets we like most.

Too Much Pod Tar: Opening Day Analysis and Reactions

Major League Baseball is officially back, as Opening Day went down this week! Over at the Too Much Pod Tar podcast, we analyzed the games from Thursday and Friday.

Too Much Pod Tar: MLB Season Predictions

Prime Time Sports Talk President and show regular Johnnie Black joins the latest Too Much Pod Tar episode as we give our MLB season predictions. That includes predicting all 12

The RAD Sports Show: THIS IS MARCH

The Madness of March has returned, and after a week off, RAD is stoked to be back with Episode No. 20.

Dorm Room Dispute: Mitch Trubisky is a Winning Quarterback

In today’s Dorm Room Dispute, Mitch addresses Saint Patrick’s day being overrated, contemplates whether or not Tom Brady does dishes, and compares the Jacksonville Jaguars’ moves to a shopping spree at Walmart.

Dorm Room Dispute: NFL Trade Madness

One of the biggest trades in NFL history just went down and the Denver Broncos were a part of it.

The RAD Sports Show: NFL Offseason Preview (Pt. 3)

In today’s episode, Aaron Rodgers is back in Green Bay (maybe?), and Russell Wilson is heading to Denver’s quarterback factory.

The RAD Sports Show: Jamie Gatlin Joins the Show

March is here, so let the madness ensue here on the RAD Sports Show.

Too Much Pod Tar: Reds Prospects, College Baseball

On the latest episode of Too Much Pod Tar, Johnnie Black and Rephael Negnewitzky joined the show to talk about the Cincinnati Reds’ farm system led by Hunter Greene, and college baseball scores.

Too Much Pod Tar: Deal or No Deal MLB Edition, College Baseball Week 1

In the latest episode of Too Much Pod Tar, Carson Babbini and Rephael Negnewski joined the show to talk about the latest on the CBA.

The RAD Sports Show: NFL Offseason Preview (Pt. 1) and Olympic Recap

In Episode 17, the first week without the NFL and the Olympics, discussion will center around… the NFL and the Olympics.

Too Much Pod Tar: MLB Still Locked Out

In the latest episode of Too Much Pod Tar, I was joined by Johnnie Black and Carson Babbini as we discussed there still being a lockout in MLB. Spring Training

Balls in the Gutter: The Rams Win and the Offseason Begins

Super Bowl 56 is over and we’re talking the game and what the future holds for the Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams.

Dorm Room Dispute: Super Bowl LVI, DeMar DeRozan for MVP

Mitchell was in Los Angles for Super Bowl 56 and did some big J journalism.

The RAD Sports Show: Baltimore Orioles’ Pat Dorrian Joins the Show

For the second time in as many weeks, RAD brings you an exclusive interview! Today we are sitting down with Pat Dorrian.

Too Much Pod Tar: Tyler Freeman Interview and Cleveland Guardians Prospects

On a new episode of Too Much Pod Tar, Johnnie Black joined the show to discuss the Cleveland Guardians’ top five prospects.

Dorm Room Dispute: The Beard Heads To Philly

Mitchell discusses how the Ben Simmons and James Harden trade was really just two teams swapping prima donnas.

Balls in the Gutter: Gearing Up for the Big Game

The NFL is on a bye week so as usual, we are trying to fix the Pro Bowl.

The RAD Sports Show: Baltimore Blast’s Zack Haussler Joins the Show

We welcome our first guest to the show – Zack Haussler of the Baltimore Blast.

Dorm Room Dispute: Brian Flores Bombshell

Mitchell explains why he is baffled that Brian Flores is still on the market to be an NFL head coach and why he can win his lawsuit against the NFL.

Balls in the Gutter: Year of the Tiger

Conference Championship Games are over and we have our Super Bowl teams!

The RAD Sports Show: The Bengals in the Super Bowl?

In episode 14 of The RAD Sports Show, we start off by giving you a thrilling recap of Championship Sunday in the NFL.

Dorm Room Dispute: Aaron Rodgers Continues to Play Victim

Mitchell is basking in the glory of the Green Bay Packers’ loss.

The RAD Sports Show: Get Rich Betting the Opposite of Erik’s NFL Picks

In this episode, we are running through the best weekend of football in NFL history. We break down all four divisional round games and review our picks from last week. Next up, our RAD Predictions for Championship Sunday.

Balls in the Gutter: Field Goals for the Win

The Balls In The Gutter podcast discusses whether this Divisional Round of NFL Playoffs the best ever, or just the most dramatic? Who is on upset alert in the conference championships?

Dorm Room Dispute: Interview with Former Cy Young Winner Jack McDowell

Mitchell Kaminski speaks with former Chicago White Sox pitcher and 1993 Cy Young Award winner Jack McDowell.

Too Much Pod Tar: Baseball Experts Hall of Fame Reaction

On Tuesday night, the voting results of the 2022 Baseball Hall of Fame ballot were announced. Carson Babbini and Johnnie Black joined Alex Kielar on the Too Much Pod Tar

Dorm Room Dispute: Dallas Disaster, Lakers Tire Fire

Mitchell Kaminski explains who is to blame for the Dallas Cowboys’ first-round exit.

Balls In The Gutter: First Round Beat Downs

The Wild Card round of NFL Playoffs was filled with one-sided games and controversial officiating. We break down the games, update on the openings at coach/GM, and get excited for a riveting divisional round. 

Dorm Room Dispute: Wild Card Week Betting Advice

Mitchell explains why Brandon Staley committed coaching malpractice this season and cost the Los Angeles Chargers a playoff spot.

Balls in the Gutter: No Time to Tie!

We wrap up the last week of the longest NFL season with all the drama from the Indianapolis Colts imploding to Pittsburgh Steelers and Las Vegas Raiders overtime stunners.

Too Much Pod Tar: Baseball Hall of Fame Ballot

Too Much Pod Tar is back with their Baseball Hall of Fame episode. Your host Alex Kielar is joined by the president of Prime Time Sports Talk Johnnie Black as

Balls in the Gutter: So Many Playoff Scenarios!

We speculate if the Las Vegas Raiders have a culture problem, break down dynasty ranking issues, and try to wrap our heads around all the different playoff seeding scenarios.

Dorm Room Dispute: Baker Excuses, Foles Theories, Madden Fun Facts

Mitchell Kaminski talks about why Baker Mayfield’s shoulder injury is a valid excuse for his poor play and provides an interesting theory on Nick Foles.

Balls in the Gutter: End of Year Showdowns

We have arrived at the end of the fantasy football season with championships on the line.

Dorm Room Dispute: The Worst NFL Game Ever Played

Mitchell Kaminski rants about that abomination of a Monday Night Football game but explains why there could be a positive silver lining for the Chicago Bears moving forward.

Balls in the Gutter: Chaos in the Playoffs

The perfect storm of Covid-19, Flu, injuries and NFL indecision arrived just in time for the fantasy playoffs. We discuss the crazy week, coaching changes, the breakout of rookie wide receivers, and waiver wire etiquette in the playoffs.

Balls in the Gutter: You’ve Got to Make All the Right Moves

The fantasy football playoffs have arrived! We share how many of our teams made it and what we think their chances are of winning it all.

Balls In The Gutter: Breezy Balls

We are closing out the fantasy season and are already speculating about first-round picks in 2022. We also talk about the growing legacy of Bill Belichick after a windy Monday night

Dorm Room Dispute: NFL Week 14 Picks

Mitchell is going on a betting strike against the Denver Broncos. He explains why and gives his takeaways from the SEC Championship and Week 14 of the NFL.