Dorm Room Dispute: Wild Card Week Betting Advice

Mitchell explains why Brandon Staley committed coaching malpractice this season and cost the Los Angeles Chargers a playoff spot.

Balls in the Gutter: No Time to Tie!

We wrap up the last week of the longest NFL season with all the drama from the Indianapolis Colts imploding to Pittsburgh Steelers and Las Vegas Raiders overtime stunners.

Too Much Pod Tar: Baseball Hall of Fame Ballot

Too Much Pod Tar is back with their Baseball Hall of Fame episode. Your host Alex Kielar is joined by the president of Prime Time Sports Talk Johnnie Black as

Balls in the Gutter: So Many Playoff Scenarios!

We speculate if the Las Vegas Raiders have a culture problem, break down dynasty ranking issues, and try to wrap our heads around all the different playoff seeding scenarios.

Dorm Room Dispute: Baker Excuses, Foles Theories, Madden Fun Facts

Mitchell Kaminski talks about why Baker Mayfield’s shoulder injury is a valid excuse for his poor play and provides an interesting theory on Nick Foles.

Balls in the Gutter: End of Year Showdowns

We have arrived at the end of the fantasy football season with championships on the line.

Dorm Room Dispute: The Worst NFL Game Ever Played

Mitchell Kaminski rants about that abomination of a Monday Night Football game but explains why there could be a positive silver lining for the Chicago Bears moving forward.

Balls in the Gutter: Chaos in the Playoffs

The perfect storm of Covid-19, Flu, injuries and NFL indecision arrived just in time for the fantasy playoffs. We discuss the crazy week, coaching changes, the breakout of rookie wide receivers, and waiver wire etiquette in the playoffs.

Balls in the Gutter: You’ve Got to Make All the Right Moves

The fantasy football playoffs have arrived! We share how many of our teams made it and what we think their chances are of winning it all.

Balls In The Gutter: Breezy Balls

We are closing out the fantasy season and are already speculating about first-round picks in 2022. We also talk about the growing legacy of Bill Belichick after a windy Monday night

Dorm Room Dispute: NFL Week 14 Picks

Mitchell is going on a betting strike against the Denver Broncos. He explains why and gives his takeaways from the SEC Championship and Week 14 of the NFL.

Massholes with Mics: Patriots Embarrass Bills, 10 Questions, and… Farewell?!

Jeremy is steering the ship on this episode of Massholes with Mics as he is joined by a fully-loaded cast of Jordan, Jaclyn, and Kyle. They recap the Patriots’ 14-10 win over the Bills, starting with three up, three down.

Dorm Room Dispute: Massive College Football Shakeups

In this week’s edition of the Dorm Room Dispute podcast, there were some major shakeups in the college football landscape. In the NFL, how good is Mac Jones? Finally, it’s time for “Free Money” betting advice for Week 13 of the NFL.

Balls In The Gutter: Gridiron Balls and the Coaching Carousel

The Balls In the Gutter podcast returns, and the hits just keep coming with Dalvin Cook, D’Andre Swift, and Tre’Davious White all getting hurt. The guys also discuss the spinning college coaching roulette wheel..

Massholes with Mics: Confidence Drop After Patriots Win over Titans?

Jeremy is piloting the ship on this episode of Massholes with Mics, with Jordan and Kyle in tow. The gang discusses the Patriots win over the Titans, and whether or not their confidence is still high with the team.

Balls in the Gutter: Traditions are Overrated

It’s Thanksgiving week and we’re always thankful for football. We also think the NFL needs some new traditions but before the kickoff of the annual games

Massholes with Mics: 15 Questions, Thanksgiving picks, and More

Jordan, Jaclyn, and Jeremy are here for the Thanksgiving episode of Massholes with Mics. They go through 15 questions around the NFL covering all sorts of topics and picks and finish up by predicting the Thanksgiving games.

Dorm Room Dispute: Pretenders, Contenders in the NFL

Mitchell Kaminski and Aidan Conklin discuss the mounting questions about Baker Mayfield, where the New England Patriots land in the AFC power rankings, and more.

Massholes with Mics: Week 11 Picks, Does TNF Stink?

It’s the Week 11 preview of Massholes with Mics as Jordan and Kyle join Jeremy to talk about this week’s slate of games.

Massholes with Mics: Return of the Evil Empire

Good vibes are running high on this episode of Massholes with Mics as Jeremy and Kyle return to talk about the New England Patriots win over the Cleveland Brown.

Balls in the Gutter: Low Scores = Worst Week Ever

Another weak of low scores meant the worst week ever for the Balls in the Gutter fantasy leagues.

Massholes with Mics: Red Sox Offseason Preview

Massholes with Mics is back with another baseball episode. Jeremy steers the ship accompanied by Jordan and Sean, as they dissect remaining thoughts from the 2021 Boston Red Sox season.

Massholes with Mics: Week 10 picks, 10 Questions

Massholes with Mics is here with their Week 10 preview episode. To start, Jeremy, Kyle, Jordan, and Jaclyn go through their usual 10 questions segment.

Too Much Pod Tar: World Series Deep Dive

In the latest episode of Too Much Pod Tar, I was joined by a total of four guests. That includes two Atlanta Braves fans to break down them winning the World Series.

Massholes with Mics: Patriots Grade at the Halfway Point

Massholes with Mics is back to react to the New England Patriots’ win over the Carolina Panthers.

Balls in the Gutter: So Far, So Weird

Too much news in today’s episode of Balls in the Gutter! We saw the trade deadline pass and have a Bronco fans’ take on the departure of Von Miller.

Dorm Room Dispute: Browns Drama, Week 9 Betting Advice

Mitchell Kaminski and Aidan Conklin discuss the Odell Beckham Jr. situation in Cleveland and if the Browns would be wise to re-sign Baker Mayfield.

Massholes with Mics: Revenge Game for Stephon Gilmore?

Massholes with Mics is back with their Week 9 preview episode. Kyle, Jaclyn, Jordan, and Jeremy are back to discuss the latest Aaron Rodgers drama in Green Bay as well as the Odell Beckham Jr. situation.

Massholes with Mics: Patriots/Chargers Recap and 10 Questions

The show is fully locked and loaded on this episode of Massholes with Mics. Jaclyn, Jeremy, Jordan, and Kyle recap New England’s win over the Chargers, and discuss whether or not they are back “in” on this Patriots team.

Dorm Room Dispute: Blackhawks Tarnish Legacy, NFL Week 8 Betting Advice

The Blackhawks have some explaining to do and Mitchell has the breakdown on the NHL investigation and NFL Week 8 betting advice.

Balls in the Gutter: Any Given Sunday

On Any Given Sunday, anyone can win or lose in the fantasy world. One of us survived bye-mageddon while the other had a bad fantasy week.

Massholes with Mics: Patriots or Chargers Fan?

It’s a two-man preview show on Massholes with Mics, as Jordan makes his return and is joined by Jeremy. The guys preview the Patriots and Chargers matchup, predict locks, upsets, and big games on the Week 8 slate.

Massholes with Mics: Patriots Fans Rejoice After Jets Beatdown

The Massholes with Mics cast is back after their own BYE week! Jeremy is piloting the ship with Kyle and Jaclyn in tow. The group discusses the Patriots’ win over the Jets and highlight several key players in the game.

Balls in the Gutter: Contenders, Pretenders, and Dumpster Fires

We are at the point in the season where teams have shown us who they are. The gang tries to categorize each team and what we expect for the rest of the year.

Balls In The Gutter: Ep 9 Sunday Afternoon Lights

After a week of hard-fought games, the Balls in the Gutter crew discuss if it’s too late for the Kansas City Chiefs to climb back to the top of the AFC and more.

Massholes with Mics: We’ve Got Pennant Fevahhh

It’s a baseball episode on this edition of Massholes with Mics. Jordan steers the ship and is joined by Jeremy, Kyle, and Sean to break down the ALCS matchup between the Boston Red Sox and Houston Astros.

Dorm Room Dispute: NFL Week 6 Betting Advice

The gang recaps last week’s college football action and gives their free money betting advice for Week 6 of the NFL.

Massholes with Mics: 10 Questions, Patriots Edition

Jaclyn, Jeremy, and Kyle are here on a special marathon Monday episode of Massholes with Mics. The crew does a special episode of 10 questions that are centered around the New England Patriots.

Massholes with Mics: Stephon Gilmore Trade Reaction, Week 5 Picks

The Week 5 slate is ready and Jordan mans the ship in Kyle’s absence as Jeremy and Jaclyn join him for another picks episode of Massholes with Mics. The cast also discusses the surprise reported release (turned subsequent trade) of Stephon Gilmore.

Massholes with Mics: “10 Questions”, Contender or Pretender Edition

In this mini-episode of Massholes with Mics, Jeremy, Jordan, and Kyle go around the league with their segment “10 Questions”.