MLS- Western Conference

MLS- Western Conference

With Carlos Vela Out, What’s Next for LAFC?

Nicolette Rojo examines what’s next for LAFC after Carlos Vela opted out of the MLS resumption.

Carlos Vela Won’t Join LAFC for Tournament

LAFC striker and captain Carlos Vela announced that he will not be participating in the MLS is Back tournament.

MLS Avoids Lockout by Agreeing to New CBA

The MLS is the second American sports league to formally agree on a return-to-play format.

MLS Could Become a Titan of US Sports

The United States has been a notoriously tough market to crack for the biggest sport in the world.

Is Carlos Vela the Favorite to Win MLS MVP Again?

Marc Magana looks at whether or not Carlos Vela is the favorite to win MLS MVP again.