MLB Season Previews

MLB Season Previews

Toronto Blue Jays 2022 Season Preview

Following a prominent year bound for success, the Blue Jays open up a new script for the 2022 season.

Texas Rangers 2022 Season Preview

In 2021 the Texas Rangers finished with the third-fewest wins in baseball. Texas won just 24 of their 57 road games as the starting pitching struggled. While they are still rebuilding, there is some excitement surrounding the Rangers 2022 campaign.

San Francisco Giants 2022 Season Preview

The San Francisco Giants come into the 2022 season trying to keep the momentum they started during the 2021 season, finishing first in the NL West, but ultimately falling to the Dodgers in the NLDS.

Colorado Rockies 2022 Season Preview

Although the Rockies did chip away at some movement on the open market this offseason, it remains very hard to envision Colorado competing with the Giants, Dodgers, or Padres in a star-studded National League West. 

Miami Marlins 2022 Season Preview

The Miami Marlins were the second-worst team in the National League East last season at 67-95. In the offseason, they made a couple of key free-agent signings and trades with General Manager Kim Ng at the helm for her second year.

Chicago White Sox 2022 Season Preview

The White Sox are the class of the AL Central and they made moves this offseason to improve. While the division is likely to be a little tougher than last year, the South Siders are the most complete team of the bunch.

Atlanta Braves 2022 Season Preview

For the second year in a row, Brian Snitker and the Braves should be aiming for the stars in 2022.

Chicago Cubs 2022 Season Preview

The Cubs aren’t World Series favorites by any means, but they are certainly in playoff contention heading into 2022.

Philadelphia Phillies 2022 Season Preview

The Philadelphia Phillies came close to taking the National League East last season. On the bright side, though, last season was the first time in the last decade they have finished over .500, albeit at 82-80.

San Diego Padres 2022 Season Preview

After a season that many believed to pan out, the Padres crumbled to pieces as their season ended on a 79-83 mark.