What Do Online Casino Payouts Depend On?

What Do Online Casino Payouts Depend On?

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In this article, we mentioned the functioning of casino payouts and their contents. Here is also revealed the secret of maximizing personal returns and some tips.

In this article, we are going to reveal the topic of the working conception of casino payouts. Being precise: we will demonstrate and analyze the main aspects of paying off in online gambling and discuss the role of the house edge, pay tables, variances, and return to player percentage (or just RTP). 

We will also support you with recommendations for maximizing the best options to get the biggest wins, increase real money personal returns and reward playing slots. Therefore, if you are interested in becoming aware of all the sacramental and cherished points of casino paybacks – continue reading this article!

The Contents Of The Casino Payouts

In this block, we will tell you about the conception of casino payouts. We will also discuss four contents it depends on: the house edge, pay table, variance, and RTP. So, continue reading to know more!

House Edge

The house edge is the first important point on which the online casino payouts depend. In other words, the casino’s rate is the profit from the original gambler’s bet. Hence, the casino always has advantages and benefits for you. 

The lower the house edge percentage is, the more beneficial online casinos are for the player because it impacts the RTP rate straightforwardly. By the way, you can read this best online casino list review to become aware of the best proposals with the most win-win casino advantage. We will describe how it works in the conception of the roulette game.

If you are betting on the red, you will get a real money prize of 48.6%. However, the other 48.7% are responsible for the case that you won’t make any earnings. And the left, 2.7% of green is the indicator of the casino’s advantage. The same situation is with slots, so you can observe that the casino has over a 50% chance of benefitting from your bet.

Pay Table

The second aspect on which the casino payback depends is the pay table. Checking and analyzing these details helps to find all the necessary information about RTP, house edge percentage, etc. Also, if you are searching for an instant withdrawal casino, read this fast payout online casino review to get familiar with some items. Except for those mentioned above, it also helps to find out about the wilds, multipliers, bonus games, and all that jazz. 

Speaking about the parts of the table, usually, the first one reveals info about the winning combinations and the process of appearing the symbols in a pay line. It may look like a V-shape, zigzag, etc. Pay tables are common for slots and are clearer for aces. However, it is commonly understandable for beginners after some gaming sessions.


Most of us prefer online gambling because of the variance, however, what do we mean by this term? The most common example of variability is the opportunity and chance to win $1000000 from the $1 deposit bet. However, at the same time, you can place $25 and wind it.

Therefore, we want to tell you about the randomness of payouts and bets. In the working conception, it reminds the RTP, nonetheless, it functions on a short-term basis. Bear in mind that the variance helps to control your bankroll efficiently.

Even if you are betting on something where fortune is always on your side, it doesn’t mean you can’t lose your money because the chance to wind always exists. So, you always have to bet on your budget, and the variance allows you to do it frequently and get a jackpot despite wagered sum. 

The Percentage Of Payouts

The fourth and last aspect to discuss is the percentage of payouts. This criterion is responsible for the indication of the average possible sum of money to win. Another explanation: is the proportion of betted money, which the gambling provider will pay out in cases of loss.

This is also well-known as RTP or returns to player percentage. Let’s imagine: you made a bet of $150, but the fortune wasn’t on your side. The casino supports you with 98% of RTP, which means you will get your $147 back, and the provider will earn you $3.

However, this chronic of events is only possible for experienced players on a long-term basis. You must have a specified number of gaming sessions to achieve such a high RTP percentage. Commonly, most online gambling platforms purpose such return to player rate after making 10000 bets. 

The Secret Of Maximizing The Personal Returns

In this partition, we will reveal a secret to maximizing personal returns. If you want to get all the possible benefits from the gameplay session at all the casinos, you should pay attention to the RTP. Selecting the game of chance, consider items that purpose high return to player percentage.

The lower the house advantage is, the higher chances to lose. Casinos with high RTP and low house edge improve your chances of winning. However, casino bonuses also play a role. If you actively use free spins, loyalty offers, welcome bonuses, and all that jazz, you will possibly enhance your chances of winning.


In this article, we revealed the topic of casino payouts, their conception, contents, and the principle of functioning. You already know that it depends on:

  1. The house edge or house advantage (the percentage that the casino will earn on you).
  2. The variance (the diversity of deposit sums and chances to win).
  3. The pay table (a source of information to analyse the casino, games, and other specified information).
  4. RTP, or return to player rate (the percentage the player will get back in cases of an unlucky bet).

We also supported you with some secrets for maximizing your returns. So, the higher RTP and lower house edge, the more beneficial casino for you. The usage of the various bonuses (welcome, season, loyalty offers, free spins, etc.) also increases your chances of winning real money.

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