Best Online Games for Sports Fans

Best Online Games for Sports Fans

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Games have been a part of our culture, or we can say our society, since the beginning. The nature of playing might have transformed, but the reason behind it remains the same. Playing games serves a purpose for everyone. Before the internet, it was outdoor sports that kept us entertained and it was also a source of social interaction. In recent times, the urge to play sports has shifted from physical to virtual.

It is difficult for a sports fan to keep away from games because of the similarities. Both sports and online games make you competent, enable your risk-taking ability, enhance your decision-making, help you build relationships, and so forth.

Online gaming is a massive market worth over multi-billion dollars. There is an option for everyone as there are hundreds of thousands of games available to play. Additionally, for sports fans, online games serve a special purpose as they believe the game to be more realistic. These games include basketball, football, car racing, etc.

However, the following are the best online games for sports fans.


Arguably it is the most played sports online game in the world. FIFA is a franchise that enjoys a huge following for many reasons. It has more than 500 real teams with the legends of the past and current superstars. The game allows you to play with any team of your choice. From graphics to the latest technology, the FIFA franchise is so advanced that the performances of players in real life reflect in the game stats. Each year, there is a new version with the latest updates reflecting roster updates and transfers.


It is one of the most popular online sports games. NBA Jam is an arcade game played between four players, two on each team. The players in the game are the legends of the game from the golden era. It is also considered to be the easiest version of a basketball game that you can play on your smartphone as well.

Madden NFL

Another popular sports game that depicts the real NFL. It offers a great deal of fun whether you play it on a console, smartphone, or PC. You build your squad and stimulate the entire NFL season. It updates with every season and, like any sports game; the players are updated based on their live performances.

Golf Star

This is a new addition to online golf games and due to its friendly interface, golf fans like playing it. The game has a practice version where you can learn to play shots, understand the physics of the playing area and read the game situation. Furthermore, once you are well-versed, you can choose to play one-on-one tournaments or championships. The game is compatible with smartphones as well, thus you can play on the go as well.

Hockey Hero

Sports-themed slots are relatively a new tradition. It combines gambling and sports under one roof. Similarly, the hockey hero is an ice-hockey themed slot game. It is completely optimized to work on any device; the interface is user-friendly, and the entire game is themed as ice hockey with pucks, helmets, skates, and the sound of cheers. The game works like any other slot game that you play in casino games online.

Bottom line

The sports industry itself is enormous and combining it with the gaming industry, then the sky’s the limit. Gathering sports and gaming fans together is always a lucrative combination and with changing times, there will be more and more people playing online sports games as it offers real-time experience, updates, and more.

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