Dallas Cowboys Future is in Turmoil

Dallas Cowboys Future is in Turmoil

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What is the future for the Dallas Cowboys? This question needs to be asked going forward about the organization. In contrast, the Cowboys seem to be going through the motions and not trying to win one last super bowl for Jerry Jones. While Jones has openly said that he would write a massive check to get another ring, he doesn’t always show it in the off-season.

The Cowboys’ front office has overpaid for their guys for the last few. After signing fat contracts, they followed it up by having a lousy season, most notably Ezekiel Elliott, DeMarcus Lawrence, and Jaylon Smith. At the same time, they only sign minimum-level deals to people who won’t swing the bar to title contenders.

The Terrible Division

Washington Commanders

While the cowboys operate with a mindset that they don’t need to worry about winning because of the terrible division, they are in. The Commanders are in turmoil due to mediocrity at the quarterback position. Ever since the crumpled body of Robert Griffin left the franchise, the team hasn’t been able to find the next signal-caller. However, the franchise had just average play from the position and has never found much success. While the franchise is in a constant state of mediocracy, they are too good to be picking in the top five in the draft and too bad to compete for deep playoff success. The Cowboys know all of this and don’t need to worry about the Commanders.

Philadelphia Eagles

While the Eagles have had the most success behind the Cowboys these last few years, it isn’t much to hang their hat on. However, they pose the biggest threat to the Cowboys’ reign in the division with a young talented quarterback and an outstanding team around him. With Howie Roseman running the ship, the organization is going full steam ahead and will challenge the Cowboys for the division this year. At the same time, the organization is fully competent now, and the Cowboys need to worry about them going forward. Unfortunately, with the Cowboys being complacent, the Eagles are the opposite.

New York Giants

Unlike the Commanders, the Giants are in pretty good shape in the division. However, unlike the Eagles, the Giants won’t be competing for the division. With the ugly reign of David Gettleman finally over and new head coach Brian Daboll at the helm, it’s clear skies for the organization. After having a great draft and an already solid roster, the only thing holding them back is the quarterback. With the Giants not picking up the fifth-year option on Daniel Jones, they are stuck with him for one more year. However, the Giants would be one of the few teams needing a new quarterback next year, making trading up easy to do. Furthermore, the Giants will likely come in third or last in the division based on Jones himself.

The Root of the Cowboys Complacency

While Jones and the cowboys know that they can sleepwalk to winners of the division barring a catastrophic injury. They also know that the division has been in disarray, and the Cowboys can always make the playoffs. Over the last few years under Jones, the organization has made little strides in acquiring a big-time free agent. The organization has also been content with building through the draft and keeping the in-house players. In addition, the Cowboys know that the fan base will always come and support the organization, win or lose. With this in mind, Jones won’t have to worry about decreasing attendance hurting his bottom line.

The fan base will come and support the organization no matter what, and Jones knows that. However, the entire organization publicly says that they will do whatever is needed to be done for a Super Bowl victory. Unfortunately, they don’t believe this and choose to be happy with running roughshod over the division. Looking at the Cowboys’ current roster, only a tiny handful are from free agent signings. While the team has drafted well the last few years, it hasn’t made much difference. At the same time, the team is too good to be getting the high draft picks and is always picking near the bottom of the draft.

How to Fix the Issues

Nothing will change with the Jones family still running the organization from top to bottom and making all the vital team decisions. However, with Jones looking to step down in the next few years and hand the organization off to his son, there is still hope on the horizon. At the same time, Stephen Jones could end up just like his father and run the franchise himself from top to bottom. Until the Jones family realizes that the only way to compete in the NFL stepping back and hiring a real general manager, the team is stuck in a destructive cycle. With Will McClay being a perfect candidate to run the organization, it’s time that he gets the keys to the castle.

The Jones family has a history of hiring bad coaches only because they let Jones do what he pleases. Jimmy Johnson was the only head coach to hold his own against Jones. McClay could be the franchise’s savior if the Jones family allows it to happen. Until this is resolved, the team will be stuck in a loop as they have been in the last decade. Furthermore, the Jones family has too much ego involved in the franchise, and all the moves they have made in this decade have proven it.

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