Dak Prescott Hits Number One

Dak Prescott Hits Number One

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Dak Prescott (aka Rayne Dakota Prescott) is one of the most famous names in American Modern Football. Fans will instantly recognize this sports figure anywhere in the world. He is one of the best quarterbacks (leader of offense) in American Football.

This formidable quarterback made his comeback after a serious injury and, beyond all expectations, hit the number one spot among NFL quarterbacks in week 7. He is as energetic as before, proving that a serious ankle injury is nothing for the actual sport spirit. Prescott’s amazing performance makes it worthy of checking the NFL odds on Draftkings and placing bets as you like!

Dak Prescott’s Journey with the Dallas Cowboys

Dak Prescott made his debut with the Dallas Cowboy in 2016. He was the 135th pick in the 2016 NFL draft.

He was excellent in his first rookie season, and he played in 16 games with the Dallas Cowboys. His status then was 23 touchdowns and 3,667 passing yards. These stats got him the division title, and he was also awarded the Rookie of the Year. His ranking was 14th in overall 100 NFL players.

In 2018, he led the Cowboys to the playoffs with over 4,000 yards of offense and 28 total TDs.

Dak was named the NFL offensive player of the week in 2019’s season opener. Then in the second week, he was awarded the offensive player of the week again.

Against the Atlanta Falcons in September 2020, he became the first American football player ever to rush for three touchdowns and pass for more than 400 yards in a game.

He was always on the list of top offensive players of the week. That came to a temporary halt with his injury in October 2020. But a year later, he made his comeback again by hitting the number one spot in week 7.

Dak Prescott’s Injury

Those who keep up with the Dallas Cowboys will remember that Dak Prescott had a terrible ankle injury in 2020. It was a game against the New York Giants in the AT&T Stadium(Arlington, Texas).

His injury was severe. According to the last announcement of the Dallas Cowboys, it was an injury in his right ankle. It was a compound fracture and dislocation injury. He was immediately carted to the hospital and underwent surgery the same night.

During his injury, Andy Dalton played his role of quarterback.

Dak Prescott’s Comeback

After the horrific ankle injury in 2020, Dak Prescott had a hard time with his status of being one of the top quarterbacks of the NFL. He did recover from the injury. However, this news made us all worry about his career, skills, and health. But surprisingly, he made his comeback in this year’s NFL season.

Though he made it back to the quarterback, we thought it would take him quite a while to get back in top shape as he was before. Then again, beyond all expectations, he proved us all wrong with his progress this season in the NFL.

Dak Prescott has again made it in the number one sport of NFL quarterback of the week (week 7). He has been debunking all critics and negativity about him with every game.

His 2021 play status as of Week 7 is as follows:

Attributes Status
Games 6
Percentile / Completion Percentage 73.1
Pass Yards 1813
Yards Per Pass Attempts 8.4
Pass Touchdowns 16
Interception 4
Rush Yards 70
Rush Touchdowns 0
Fumbles 6

You can easily see how good of a comeback Dak Prescott has made with his progress in this season yet. There are more matches to be played in this season of the NFL.

Those matches will be more challenging. It’ll put this quarterback in more tests to prove himself. We have high hopes for him in these matches. Based on his decisions and the moves he pulled off in the last game after his comeback, it is natural to have such high expectations.

Then there is this recent headline of him heating the number one quarterback sport of week 7. Everything points to the fact that we will have more of Dak Prescott’s action and elite skills in the field.

Ending Notes

Dak Prescott is a very famous quarterback in American Football, and some may call him the spear of the Dallas Cowboys.

It was a pleasure to see him hitting the top ranks again. Especially after his two ankle injuries, it is quite a bit surprising for us Dallas fans. We can surely expect a lot of him in the playoffs and in the future and pray that he does not suffer more injuries.

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