NHL Power Rankings: Post Week 12

NHL Power Rankings: Post Week 12

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2022 is starting to get into full swing again in the NHL, and the power rankings certainly reflect that. Things will get interesting this week, so buckle up. As always, a loss or win doesn’t always mean that one team will be ranked higher than a team they beat or lost to. Also, keep in mind this week that if a team hasn’t played due to postponements, they are more likely to stay in the spot they were in last week. Without further delay, let’s get rocking.

Numbers in parentheses reference last week’s rankings and all stats are current as of 1/9.

No.32: Arizona Coyotes (+0)

Montreal almost ended up here this week, but the Coyotes continue to be horrendous, so here they stay. Moving on.

No.31: Montreal Canadiens (+0)

Montreal, you’re getting dangerously close to being last in the rankings but this week you escape. Barely. This is a reminder that this team was in the Stanley Cup Final last year.

No.30: Ottawa Senators (+0)

The Sens chill here at No. 30 again. Their defense has been a question mark to say the least, averaging 3.69 goals against per game. That’s second-worst in the league only in front of Arizona.

No.29: Seattle Kraken (+0)

The Kraken stay put at 29th this week, continuing the trend of staying put for potentially the longest in the history of these power rankings. The Kraken still sit at third-worst in goals against per game. Hopefully, they can get those issues ironed out soon. They also haven’t played a game since New Year’s Day.

No.28: Buffalo Sabres (+0)

The trend continues. The Sabres continue to struggle on both ends of the ice, being bottom 10 in both goals for and goals against per game. However, they also have a few players in COVID-19 protocol. Maybe things will get better as they get healthier.

No.27: Chicago Blackhawks (+0)

When things get wild, what that meant was wildly similar. The Blackhawks stay at 27. They are tied for third-least goals for per game now instead of holding it solo, which still isn’t a good thing. Their goals against per game is now getting worse sitting at seventh-worst in the NHL, averaging 3.40 goals.

No.26: Columbus Blue Jackets (+0)

What is happening? The Blue Jackets’ goals against per game is also going in the wrong direction now sitting fifth-worst in the league averaging 3.55 goals. But for now, they stay at No. 26.

No.25: New York Islanders (+0)

The Islanders also haven’t played this week due to postponements, so they will remain 25th for now.

No.24: Philadelphia Flyers (-1)

Finally, the trend ends. The Flyers move down only a spot, but at the rate things are going, this is a welcome change of pace. They are 4-3-3 in their last ten games, but their statistics are still at the bottom of the league. The Flyers defense has gone in the wrong direction as well while averaging 3.31 goals against per game, 10th-worst in the league. The goals for per game have stayed in the same place, sixth-worst. Not that that’s a good thing.

No.23: New Jersey Devils (+1)

The Devils swap places with the Flyers this week despite sitting 4-6 in their last ten. Their offense is middle of the pack statistically, but their defense is struggling sitting at eighth-worst averaging 3.39 goals against per game.

No.22: Detroit Red Wings (-1)

The Red Wings continue their slip, but this time it’s only by one spot. Detroit’s statistics are also not the best, currently tied for ninth-worst in goals for per game with the Los Angeles Kings averaging 2.71 goals. They hold sole occupancy of ninth-worst in goals against per game averaging 3.36 goals.

No.21: Dallas Stars (+1)

Continuing the new trend of swapping places, Dallas swaps places with Detroit. The Stars’ main issue this season has been their offensive output, and it still is a struggle. They are tied for eighth-worst in total goals for with 90, but per game they are out of the bottom 10 now which is good.

No.20: Winnipeg Jets (-2)

The Jets slide down a couple of spots this week after taking a 7-1 loss to Colorado. Ouch. Statistically, they are a middle-of-the-road team, but their penalty kill could certainly use some work sitting at 69.6 percent, second-worst in the league.

No.19: Edmonton Oilers (-4)

Edmonton, what has happened to you? The Oilers continue to stumble on a two-game losing streak and having gone 2-6-2 in their last 10 games. Their defense continues to be an issue, and to make matters worse, Connor McDavid is now in the COVID-19 protocol. Oilers fans have to be pulling their hair out.

No.18: Boston Bruins (+2)

The Bruins move up two spots this week after going 6-3-1 in their last 10 games. They are one of the best defensive teams in the league currently sitting sixth-best in goals against per game allowing and average of 2.58 goals, but statistically, their offense could use a little tuning up.

No.17: Vancouver Canucks (+0)

Another team that did not play last week due to postponements, the Canucks stay at 17 for now.

No.16: San Jose Sharks (+3)

It seems like the Sharks don’t like to stay put. They continue to rise up the rankings with a two-game winning streak. They also statistically are quite an interesting team and could be one to keep an eye on.

No.15: Los Angeles Kings (+1)

The Kings are cemented in the top half of the league this week at 15. A shutout is always an impressive performance, which was what happened in the Kings’ last game against the Red Wings in a 4-0 win. That certainly helped them out statistically as they are now eighth-best in the NHL in goals against per game averaging 2.63 goals.

No.14: Calgary Flames (-3)

Calgary is another team that you have to ask ‘what has happened?’ Currently on a three game losing streak, their goals for per game has fallen out of the top 10, but they are still solid defensively.

No.13: Anaheim Ducks (-1)

The Ducks are struggling to find form as of late which lands them here at No. 13. Their offense is middle of the pack, but John Gibson continues to hold things down on the back end.

No.12: Minnesota Wild (+1)

This is where things start to get tricky. Minnesota opens things here on a two game winning streak despite battling numerous injuries and protocol issues. Their offense is still one of the best in the league, sitting third in goals for per game averaging 3.58 goals. And with Cam Talbot out, Kaapo Kahkonen will have a chance to prove he is their goalie of the future. It was really cool to see Matt Boldy to get his first goal with his family in attendance.

No.11: Vegas Golden Knights (-3)

See? It gets hard up top. The Golden Knights fall out of the top 10 through no fault of their own, it’s just that right now there is stiff competition at the top. But they would help themselves if they improved their goals against per game.

No.10: Colorado Avalanche (+4)

The Avalanche rise as many spots as their winning streak this week. What a week it was for the Avs, outscoring opponents 20-10 during that stretch. They have one of the best offenses in the league and currently sit as the top goals for per game team in the league averaging 4.32 goals, but their defense still requires some improvement and is the main thing that is holding them back.

No.9: Washington Capitals (-8)

The Capitals tumble out of the No. 1 spot this week but do manage to stay in the top 10. Statistically, they have taken a step backwards sitting eighth-best in goals for and ninth-best in goals against per game, averaging 3.33 goals for and 2.64 goals against respectively. They also have struggled to find their form, going 4-3-3 in their last 10 games.

No.8: New York Rangers (-2)

The Rangers once again fall victim to the competition at the top. Their offense is middle of the table, but they are one of the best defensive teams in the league averaging 2.50 goals against per game, third-best in the league.

No.7: St. Louis Blues (+3)

The Blues make their way up to seventh in the rankings this week on the heels of a two game winning streak. They currently sit sixth-best in goals for per game averaging 3.44 goals and 10th-best in goals against per game averaging 2.67 goals.

No.6: Pittsburgh Penguins (-2)

The Penguins go back down to sixth this week in another very hard decision. 9-1 in their last 10, Pittsburgh is top three in goals against per game and top 10 in goals for per game. They could very well be in the conversation for No. 1 in the very near future.

No.5: Toronto Maple Leafs (-2)

The Maple Leafs fall to fifth this week. They are still one of the best offensive teams in the league, but their defense brings them down this week being middle of the pack in goals against per game.

No.4: Nashville Predators (+5)

Just when Nashville looks like they’re going to lay low, they go on a four game winning streak. Defensively, they are sound but their offense could do with a little extra effort.

No.3: Carolina Hurricanes (-1)

The Hurricanes are just the latest victim of the competition fall. Still statistically one of the best teams in the NHL, they will be in the conversation for the top spot again next week for sure.

No.2: Tampa Bay Lightning (+5)

The defending champions come up to the highest they’ve been yet in the power rankings, finishing second this week. Offensively, they just miss out on the top 10 in goals for per game, but they have been getting things together and are looking like the champion team that the hockey world feared they would get back to.

No.1: Florida Panthers (+4)

How on Earth do you keep ending up back here, Florida? The Panthers continue to be one of the best offensive teams in the NHL, currently second in goals for per game, averaging 3.89 goals. Defensively, they certainly have some issues that need to be ironed out, but as long as they continue to score, those can be glossed over.

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