MLB Offseason Preview: Cincinnati Reds

MLB Offseason Preview: Cincinnati Reds

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The Cincinnati Reds had a positive 2021 season. Even though they had a winning record of 83-79, they did not make the playoffs. The Milwaukee Brewers won the NL Central, and the St. Louis Cardinals were in the wildcard position in the 2021 postseason. Three players for the Reds, Joey Votto, Nick Castellanos, and Jonathan India were all significant contributors and made an impact throughout the entire season. Votto led the team with 36 home runs, Castellanos led the team with a batting average of .309 and 100 runs batted in, and India led the team in runs with 98 and 12 stolen bases. People may focus on the fact that the Reds did not make the playoffs, but they had a great season as in years past. It’s not unusual for some MLB teams to finish with a positive record and do not make it to the postseason.

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Offseason Strategy

The offense did not look like it was an issue in 2021. Adding a veteran pitcher would not be bad for the Reds. It can be either a starter or a reliever. Veteran pitchers are great to have as they can be mentors for the young pitchers. Young pitchers usually are looking for advice to better their craft, and those veterans can provide that. Hopefully, the veteran pitcher you add had a decent career and did not struggle much. Bad advice can lead to bad habits and a short career in the MLB. Players want to have long careers so they can be in Cooperstown come the end of their careers.

Keys to the Offseason

Look for Veteran Pitching

Veterans are the best players to have on your team as they have the most experience and have knowledge that can help the team. If the Reds want to see the postseason in 2022, they will need to be at the top of the NL Central to be in the hunt for October. Therefore, they need to look for a veteran with good control and not just high velocity.

Votto’s Playing Timetable

Votto is nearing the end of his career. At 38 years old, 2022 may be his last season. The Reds should be preparing for Votto’s departure. Looking over payroll is crucial as the Reds could go after a first baseman in 2022. However, some teams wait until the last minute and do not factor in potential players leaving and then are stuck figuring out how to control the situation.

Offseason Targets

Tim Beckham, 31, Third Baseman

Beckham can be a decent addition for the Reds. The third basemen can assist the infield in 2022 and is a solid hitter. He has not played since 2019, but if Beckham decides to return this upcoming season, he can be a great addition. He will be a little rusty, not having played the past two seasons but has the potential to make an impact. Beckham’s 2019 season was decent as his batting average was .237 with 15 home runs and 47 runs batted in.

Greg Bird, 29, First Baseman

Just like Beckham, Bird has not played since 2019 as well. If he decides to play in 2022 and join the Reds, he would be a bench player. He only played in 10 games in 2019 with the New York Yankees. The 29-year-old is still finding what his role is in the MLB. He is most likely a short-term option, and the number of games he will play are still up for grabs as he has not played in more than 82 games in a single season.

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