2021 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Charles Snowden

2021 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Charles Snowden

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Charles Snowden is an extremely intriguing prospect. The most noticeable thing about the guy is his size. He’s 6’7” and would automatically come in as one of the tallest linebackers in the league. Everything about Snowden’s play flows through his size. He is a true 3-4 outside linebacker and a very underrated prospect. Snowden doesn’t wow you coming off the edge, or dropping back in coverage, but he does both things very well and that length will make NFL teams drool over him. 

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Player Bio

Name: Charles Snowden

Jersey: #11

Position: EDGE

School: Virginia

Class: Senior

Height: 6’7” 

Weight: 240 lbs 

Pass-Rush (8/10)

Snowden is a very disruptive pass-rusher. While he records a solid amount of sacks (15 over his four-year career) he’s able to alter throwing lanes with his long frame and has even gotten his hands on some balls, batting them away. He doesn’t possess a great bend, but that is expected for a guy his size. He can keep his distance from the tackle which has allowed him to match up well with guys who have over 80 pounds on him.

Run Defending (6.5/10)

Snowden is a subpar run defender. He’s consistently shown improvement in this area but because of his build, he cannot really set the edge. He does have potential in this area if he bulks up but this will all be about how teams want him to play. If he stays around his current size, he may get exposed in the running game by more powerful tackles.

Length (9.5/10)

A big part of having length is knowing how to utilize it on the field, and Snowden certainly does. He wins best in the pass-rush with his length. When able to initiate the first contact, he keeps the lineman a ways away from him and sets him up for his next move.

Athleticism (9.25/10)

Snowden is an insane athlete. Although he didn’t fully participate at his pro day (injury), he projects to have 4.5 40 speed. It looks like he plays a bit quicker than it too which is really impressive for a guy his size. On film, he can be outmuscled at times, but he did come in with 21 bench reps at his pro day. He’s almost as fluid a mover as he can be with his frame and he’s got nice explosiveness in the pass-rush. 

Hand Usage (7/10)

Snowden’s hand usage is really two-fold. Initial contact after the burst is where he’s best. As mentioned, he does a really nice job of keeping tackles away with his long arms and that’s where he can go right by. He gets into his counters pretty well but has shown no sign of consistent moves in the pass-rush. He’s shown some flashes but has not put more than one or two moves together at the same time. He does not provide much power in his hands, but once again, does well with the initial contact.

Tackling (9/10)

Snowden is excellent in wrapping up ball carriers. He possesses an enormous tackling radius, once again due to size, and there are very few missed tackles on tape. He’s able to tackle both inside of his frame and out and there are very minimal errors in terms of technique.

Coverage (7.25/10)

His coverage is strictly limited to zone drops. If Snowden is ever found in a man-to-man situation, a coach has made a personnel mistake. For someone who lines up more on the line, you can tell Snowden has still dedicated a lot of time to his coverage game. His processing is exceptional and he really seems to know where he should be in regards to his zone drops. His frame allows him to clog up passing lanes pretty nicely. He’s not going to be able to cover all over the field, but he proves to be a viable option in shallow zone drop

Versatility (6.5/10)

Snowden does not bring much versatility to the table. He’s a bit too lanky and slender to play edge in a 4-3 scheme, so he’s basically stuck with teams that run a variation of 3-4 schemes. His ability in coverage makes him the perfect fit for 3-4 schemes anyway.

Football IQ (8.5/10)

Snowden is a smart player and he demonstrates that in several different forms. He constantly scans the line of scrimmage and backfield and immediately tries to insert himself in the play. The processing in coverage is another illustration of his IQ. He seems to understand his role on his team and relishes it.

Competitive Toughness (5/5)

High motor and relentless are two ways to describe Snowden’s play. He is going to give you something on virtually every down. His high energy and willingness to go up against anyone make him very fun to watch.

Injury History (3/5)

Snowden broke his ankle back in November. This put him out of the Senior Bowl and limited him to only the bench press at his pro day in late March. He’s reiterated in several interviews that he’s close to fully healthy and should be good to go by camp.

Player Summary

Snowden’s play can’t be discussed without mentioning his size. He’s able to move around extremely well for a player with his stature. He is a bit rough around the edges and needs some heavy technical work if he wants to succeed in attempts to rush the passer. He’ll also need to add a bit of weight and play strength before he really starts to see meaningful reps. If teams are willing to take a risk on a bit of a raw prospect, he could be gone early in day two of the draft.

Final Grade (79.5/100): Late second round

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