2021 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Jalen Camp

2021 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Jalen Camp

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Jalen Camp is an underrated prospect coming out as a redshirt senior for the 2021 draft. He boasts elite athleticism for being 226 lbs, and smooth movement skills making him deceptively fast and agile. His best attribute is his hands, making difficult catches look relatively easy. He can be a chain-mover and reliable target in the NFL, as he often had to correct poorly thrown passes for a majority of his catches. Camp had 29 receptions for 439 yards, and four touchdowns in 10 games during the 2020 Covid Season.  

Player Bio 

Name: Jalen Camp

Jersey: #1

Position: Wide Receiver

School: Georgia Tech

Class: Redshirt Senior

Height: 6’1” 

Weight: 226 lbs 

Speed (8.25/10)

Camp can shift gears and control his speed but did slow down the odd time to make the catch. There are high-end flashes where he’s able to manipulate the defensive back using his speed. Ran an unofficial 4.48 at his pro day, which for his size and weight was reflected on the tape. 

Athleticism (9.5/10)

He posted elite measurables on the pro day, but it doesn’t necessarily show up every game on tape. Moreover, Camp is one of those athletes who look fluid/smooth in all his motions including running routes and high pointing the football. He didn’t particularly dominate the lesser competition with his athleticism but did show a few flashes of elite athleticism. 

Route Running/Separation (5.5/10)

Camp didn’t generate significant separation while in college but he did show nuanced route-running ability like stacking and stemming routes. Camp has some wiggle to his game, but the Georgia Tech route tree was extremely limiting. This is going to be the biggest factor in Camp’s development, as he has the natural athleticism and fluidity to be a good route runner, it just remains to be seen. 

Hands (9/10)

Excellent concentration on sideline catches. Doesn’t suffer from focus drops, he sees the ball into his body to secure a catch. A majority of the footballs thrown his way were misplaced, where Camp had to re-correct his body to match the ball. Camp has the potential to be one of those guys who makes his quarterback look good, despite errant or poorly thrown passes.

Run after Catch (5.5/10) 

Shows some elusiveness while returning kickoffs, not particularly great with the ball in his hands. However, at 226 lbs there wasn’t a great use of strength to break tackles, and he would often go down on first contact. 

Contested Catch (8/10) 

There are flashes where Camp has to make a back-shoulder contested catch and shows the ability to squeeze the ball and secure the catch. Some bobbles as he goes down, but overall effective and skill that will get better. 

Body Control (9/10) 

Going back to the early 2019 season, Camp flashed elements of high-end body control where he was able to make back-shoulder adjustments and box out the defender. This back shoulder adjustment and securing of the catch comes up in his film and is always extremely impressive. His body control while in the air has always looked like a natural talent and allows him to be in the right position to make a play. Will sometimes squat down to extend hands above waist instead of opening hands up below waist. Overall, excellent trait and one of his calling cards in the NFL.

Release (7.5/10) 

He is a very balanced and strong player, making it tough to push him off his line. Also, a little wiggle/agility making it hard for defenders to get their hands on Camp. Have to wonder how his release will hold up in the NFL as there weren’t any physically dominating cornerbacks he went up against. 

Awareness/IQ (3/5)

Spatial awareness in the air and on the field is great but wasn’t given leeway to make adjustments on routes. 

Fluidity/Agility (4/5)

Camp is 226 lbs and has a smooth running and athletic form. He’s not the most agile receiver, but for 226 lbs, he did show some potential from fluidity to be a good route runner.  

Injury/Durability (3/5)

Camp had an undisclosed injury in 2019 after the game against Citadel. He underwent season-ending surgery and didn’t play until 2020. 

Blocking (4/5)

Can overextend and lunge at corners, but was strong enough to ensure they wouldn’t move. Inconsistent reps at times, and have to wonder where he didn’t dominate every game at 226 lbs. There are times he makes the pinnacle block and sprung the running back. 

Player Summary

Camp has serious NFL potential and will impress teams with his catching ability. He has all the athletic measurables and body control ability to have a successful career as a possession receiver. The questions are if he can develop his route running more. If he can improve in his run after the catch, and also why he didn’t dominate or take over a game while at Georgia Tech. Camp is a reliable receiver, where his ability to track and catch any ball is his trump-card – he can make an errant thrown pass look catchable.  

Final Grade (76.25/100): Early Day Three 

Player Comp: Mohamed Sanu

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