The Legend of Cameron McAdoo is Born

The Legend of Cameron McAdoo is Born

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Remarkable would best describe the performance that Cameron McAdoo of Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki put on at Atlanta 2 Supercross. From having a potential season-ending crash to racing after the fact being enough of a story as it is already. McAdoo decided to put on a performance that will go down as one of the gutsiest runs in any motorsport in a long time.

The Wreck

After a poor start in the initial go of the 250 Main, McAdoo ended up with one of the scariest wrecks possible on a motorcycle. He dipped the front end of his bike down in the air and came down hard at the end of a rhythm lane. Then McAdoo went face-first into the ensuing bridge jump, then rag-dolled himself up the obstacle and came to a stop on top. What compounded things, was that McAdoo got one of his feet stuck on a footpeg, and was stuck to his bike for the whole accident.

The Alpinestars Medical Team got to him quickly, and then shortly after the Main would be red-flagged so they could get McAdoo out of harm’s way. It appeared McAdoo hurt his leg during this ordeal, as he was limping his way down the bridge jump. Also, a concussion would be a major concern with the way his head hit the ground on the initial impact. It felt all but certain that McAdoo’s night and possibly season were done, but he had other plans.


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The Aftermath

During the ensuing commercial break, there was live audio playing in the background. This audio was McAdoo talking with a medical team member trying to get himself cleared to race. Coming out of the commercial, this conversation would be shown on camera in its entirety. In spite of having one of the most violent wrecks ever in Supercross this year, McAdoo wanted to line up again just minutes later. In what seemed like some form of a concussion test, McAdoo would get questioned about the incident. McAdoo then proceeded to correctly state what had happened. He also was able to name the doctor who first got to him as well. This however did not appear to be a question, more so McAdoo pleading his case.

That ended up being all the audio that was heard. Regardless, The Alpinestar Medical Unit gave McAdoo the greenlight to line back up for the Main Event redo. If there was ever a time to compare Mankind falling off Hell in a Cell and then still completing the match to a motorsport, this would be that time. McAdoo would then ride his mangled KX-250 to the gate after getting the greenlight. However, McAdoo would be in considerable pain at the gate. His left shoulder and leg being in particular. However, McAdoo would still give it the good ole college try.


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The Result

In a remarkable turn of events, McAdoo ended up with a great start. He got scored in fourth going across the holeshot line, which was much better than his previous start. From there he kept pace with the riders in front of him by some combination of instinct and will. McAdoo would eventually rail by Garrett Marchbanks for third in the sand section about three and a half minutes in. Four minutes later, he would blitz by Saturday’s 250 winner Nate Thrasher in the whoop section. With the amount of pain he was in, and the condition his bike was, there was no reasonable explanation for McAdoo’s ride.

Unfortunately for McAdoo, he would have to surrender third to a hard-charging Hunter Lawrence with two laps remaining. He would be able to then stop a hard-charging Thrasher, however. Thrasher was trying to make a last section run to get by McAdoo, but he was able to hold him off. Due to his last-second heroics, McAdoo would make the 250 podium in a Main Event performance for the ages.

In Closing

What McAdoo ended up doing Tuesday night in Atlanta is beyond words or comprehension. To come back from the accident he had, but to then finish third is nothing short of otherworldly. Due to his legendary run, McAdoo still has a real shot at the 250 West Championship. He is now sitting only nine points back of leader Justin Cooper. If he had sat out, McAdoo’s title hopes were as good as gone. Although there being an argument about whether or not he should have been allowed to race, questions about McAdoo’s heart got put to rest. The gentleman nicknamed “Wackers” from Iowa showed that he is one of the toughest 250 riders on the planet.

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