2021 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Trevon Grimes

2021 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Trevon Grimes

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Trevon Grimes started his career at the Ohio State University but transferred to the University of Florida shortly after. The former four-star recruit played one of the most explosive offenses during his senior season featuring Kyle Trask, Kyle Pitts, and Kadarius Toney. Grimes does not receive much attention since he has played with multiple stars, but he will likely hear his name being called during the 2021 NFL Draft. Let’s take a look at his strengths and weaknesses.

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Player Bio

Name: Trevon Grimes

Jersey: #8

Position: Wide Receiver

School: University of Florida

Class: Senior

Height: 6’4”

Weight: 218 lbs

Speed (6.5/10)

Grimes is not a fast wide receiver, but he is not slow. He runs around a 4.47 40 yard dash, but his biggest strengths come from his elite size. Grimes is not a player that is going to get past defenders at the NFL level due to his lack of blazing speed, rather he will get open using his solid footwork and his size.

Athleticism (6.5/10)

Similar to his speed, Grimes does not possess elite athleticism, but he is athletic enough to the point where it is not a weakness. He uses his size well to make catches and does not rely on his athleticism when it is not needed. Grimes uses his tall and strong frame well to make plays instead of his athleticism.

After the Catch (6.25/10)

Grimes did not make many big plays after the catch at Florida, but when he had room to work with, he was able to create after the catch. Grimes lowered his shoulders well to pick up a few extra yards and let his size and strength do the work.

Fluidity (3/10)

Fluidity is an area of Grimes’ game in which he does not excel. Like many other big receivers, Grimes can be lanky and it causes his game speed to be slower than it should be. His release and other aspects of his game are severely impacted by his lack of fluidity and it creates problems for him on the field.

Route Running/Separation (7.75/10)

Grimes has good footwork when running routes can stop and start well to fake out a defender. Due to his lack of fast game speed, Grimes cannot create separation like some of the other prospects in the class can, but he creates separation with his stop-and-go ability and can make contested catches because of his tall frame.

Hands (9/10)

Grimes has excellent hands and when paired with his frame it creates intriguing potential. He uses his size and 6’4” frame to shield off defenders and then uses his hands to make the catch. Grimes has strong hands which allow him to make difficult catches and make the play if the ball is not perfectly thrown.

Contested Catch (8.75/10)

Much of Grimes’ contested catch ability stems from his hands. He uses his strong hands to make difficult catches and make up for his quarterback’s mistakes if needed. Grimes also uses his height and strength to his advantage to block off receivers and make a catch.

Release (6.25/10)

Grimes has an inconsistent release. During the senior bowl in one-on-one situations, he displayed a nice release to get open and beat his defender. However, during games, Grimes’ lack of fluidity caused his release to be poor at times which created problems.

Strength (9/10)

Strength is no issue for Grimes. He uses his strength and height to shield off defenders and make catches. His ability to block off defenders paired with his strong hands create an excellent contested catch ability that Grimes possesses.

Blocking (4.5/5)

For a receiver, Grimes is a good blocker. At Florida, he was placed as the main blocker in many situations, and he excelled. Whether he was blocking at the end of the line or near the sideline, he was able to make a successful block most of the time.

Injury (4/5)

Grimes suffered a torn-ACL during high school, but his injury sheet has been mostly clean since. He overcame the ACL injury well and showed resilience fighting past it throughout his college career.

Player Summary

Grimes is an intriguing prospect for teams that need a red zone threat. He is a player who maximizes his strengths well and is able to make tough catches. In the NFL, Grimes will likely be a fourth or fifth receiver who will enter the game to make a contested catch in the red zone since he possesses a tall and strong frame.

Final Grade (71.5/100): Late-Third Round

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