2021 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Tre’ McKitty

2021 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Tre’ McKitty

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Tre’ McKitty comes into the draft with many question marks. He is a raw talent that has high potential. McKitty has the physical tools to become a solid player but will need to polish his game to succeed at the next level. 

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Player Bio

Name: Tre’ McKitty

Jersey: #87

Position: Tight End

School: Georgia

Height: 6’5’’

Weight: 245 lbs

Hands (7.5/10)

McKitty’s hands are solid. He usually will not drop easy catches and can make up for his quarterback’s mistakes with his hands. McKitty can haul in overthrown and underthrown passes and help out his quarterback if they are struggling.

Contested Catch (6.5/10)

McKitty is a big player, which allows him to make contested catches. He uses his size to haul in tough catches. The contested-catch is not McKitty’s greatest strength but is an area of his game that has potential.

Overall Speed and Burst (7/10)

McKitty is an explosive player whether it is off of the line or after the catch. He makes physical plays and can weave through the defense. McKitty uses his size to pick up a few extra yards. He is not a fast player, so he uses his burst and physicality to make up for it. 

Route Running (4/10)

McKitty does not have excellent route running, but the rest of his game makes up for it. He uses his good awareness to create space rather than skill with his routes.

After the Catch (9/10)

McKitty has very intriguing potential after the catch. At Florida State, McKitty used his athletic ability and size to break tackles. McKitty is great at sneaking up the seam and being able to create more after the catch due to his physicality and athletic ability.

Release (9/10)

McKitty is explosive with his release and can get off the line quickly. He uses his release to make up for his lack of blazing fast speed and can run up the seam with fluidity and sneak through the defense. 

Separation (6/10)

He is great at creating separation in certain circumstances. McKitty can sneak through the defense and find holes in coverage but will not create separation purely based on speed.

Blocking (4/10)

McKitty is a solid blocker but is not an elite blocker. He can shut down edge rushers but will not help much in the passing game due to his lack of strength as a blocker. McKitty will need to improve his blocking to become a starting tight end at the NFL level. 

Positional Versatility (7/10)

McKitty can do anything in the passing game. He offers the ability to make plays lined up in the slot, in the backfield, and off the line of scrimmage, but although McKitty is a great pass-catching tight end, he will need to improve his blocking to become a more versatile tight end.

Competitive Toughness (3/5)

He played through a knee injury but then opted out of his team’s bowl game. McKitty has a good enough work ethic to be a starter at the NFL level, but his lack of usage and production during college creates question marks about his ability to improve. 

Injury (2/5)

McKitty does have an injury history. He suffered a knee injury in his final collegiate season, which sidelined him for most of the season, and needed a knee-scope procedure. McKitty never fully recovered from the knee injury while playing at Georgia, so he opted out of the team’s bowl game to recover.

Player Summary

McKitty is an intriguing prospect. He boasts a high ceiling with great physical traits. McKitty will need to polish his route running and improve his blocking at the next level but could be an interesting project for teams needing a backup with long-term starting potential.

Final Grade (65/100): Mid-Fourth Round

Player Comparison: Jimmy Graham

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