2021 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Trevon Moehrig

2021 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Trevon Moehrig

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This last weekend, Trevon Moehrig followed in Ar’Darius Washington’s footsteps by declaring for the draft. The safety tandem was the best in college football, and now both will be in the NFL following April’s draft. Moehrig is the better of the two and has a chance to be the first safety selected in the draft. 

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Player Bio

Name: Trevon Moehrig  

Jersey: #7

Position: Safety

School: TCU

Class: Junior

Height: 6’1

Weight: 208 lbs

Coverage Skills (8.5/10)

Moehrig is great in zone coverage. He keys in on his zone and can read the receiver and quarterback. In man coverage, he needs some work, specifically against double moves. He is at his best in zone coverage in a cover one scheme that allows him to have the whole field in front of him. 

Ball Skills (9.5/10)

Moehrig has seven career interceptions at his time during TCU. He has a knack for finding the ball and getting his hands on it, either by deflecting it or intercepting it. His ability to read the quarterback and receiver before the ball is released benefits him greatly in this aspect. 

Change of Direction (9.25/10)

Even when Moehrig is beaten by a double-move, he has the speed to get back to the ball. He has fluid hips that make his transitions seem easy. 

Fluidity (9.5/10)

He has a good sense of body control. He can keep his eyes on the quarterback and receivers, yet he knows where he is on the field. Very sound at reading and reacting to plays that happen in front of him.

Run Support (6.25/10)

For a free safety, Moehrig does an excellent job of attempting to make plays in the run game. He is scrappy and always fighting to make plays. Unfortunately, he needs to work on his technique in this aspect. He gets too eager to make a play and overcompensates, and it allows the runner to gash the defense. Along with that, Moehrig takes some wild angles to attempt to make up ground to attempt a tackle. His run support is a bit of a concern as he’ll be the last line of the defense at the next level. 

Tackling (5.75/10)

Something a bit more concerning than his run support and angles is his tackling altogether. Moehrig is a shoulder tackler, meaning he likes to throw his shoulder into players to knock the player over instead of wrapping up. Other times he tries to grab an ankle or make an effort to snag a shoe, so the runner stumbles and falls.

Range (9/10)

Moehrig can be left alone as the last line of the defense. He likes to see the whole field and work his way from there. He uses his film study and athleticism to make up ground and get to where the play is. 

Versatility (8/10)

Moehrig is solely going to be a free safety at the next level. He is a center-fielder that can roam the middle of the defense, and be the last line of the defense. Moehrig can make up for his teammate’s mistakes as a result of his range and ball skills. He can be played in both man and zone coverage but should primarily be used in zone concepts as he is susceptible to man coverage at times. 

Football IQ (9.75/10)

Even on film, he appears to be the leader of the secondary. He directs the traffic of the secondary and makes sure the others are in the right place. He processes the information in front of him quickly and can diagnose the route combinations almost immediately. 

Competitive Toughness (5/5)

He’s a typical secondary player, as he likes to talk. Well, unlike some, Moehrig backs up his talking with his play. He always fights to make a tackle and is looking to make a play on each snap. 

Injury (5/5)

His injury history appears to be clean. 

Player Summary 

Moehrig is one, if not the best safeties in the 2021 draft class. He will be a free safety at the next level and can be used as the lone-man in the back-end of the secondary. Moehrig is at his best when he can patrol the middle of the field by himself and read and react based upon what happens in front of him. His elite ball skills and football IQ will help him at the next level immensely. His main areas of concern are in run support and tackling, where he is susceptible to giving up some big plays. Moehrig can change the momentum of games in one play. 

Final Grade (85.5/100): Early-Second Round

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