Putting Logic Behind Patrick Mahomes’ Fourth Spot on the NFL Top 100 Players List

Putting Logic Behind Patrick Mahomes’ Fourth Spot on the NFL Top 100 Players List

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When Kansas City Chiefs QB and Super Bowl LIV MVP Patrick Mahomes was revealed to be the fourth-best player in the NFL, people were understandably outraged. He did everything possible to deserve a number one spot, he won a Super Bowl, had a stellar season, and played at an MVP level. But, you have to remember this list is done by the NFL players themselves. In this article, I’ll list three main reasons why the NFL players may have thought Patrick Mahomes isn’t the best player in the NFL.

Reason #1 could be because Mahomes has a lot of great weapons to throw to, while the two QB’s above him, Russell Wilson and Lamar Jackson don’t. The players usually judge players based on impact on the team, and no three players in the league have a bigger impact than Lamar Jackson, Russell Wilson, and Aaron Donald. Don’t get me wrong, Patrick Mahomes is a game-changer but the players clearly see the three players above him as bigger game-changers.

Reason #2 could be because of Lamar Jackson’s stellar season. There’s a legitimate reason for Lamar Jackson to be higher, the main reasons are obvious. He was the MVP, led the league in passing touchdowns, and was the first QB to ever rush for 1000 yards in a season. In short, the players most likely thought that he was worthy because of how much of a game-changer he was and his historic season.

Reason #3 could be because the two players ahead of Mahomes, that aren’t Lamar Jackson have a multi-year reputation of being top 5 or so players. Russell Wilson and Aaron Donald both have a case to be number one players in the NFL. Both of these players change the game like no other, and anyone inside the top five could be named the best player in the NFL. The players when voting also often look at the overall impact on team play, such as “where would this team be without Aaron Donald.”

The Seahawks would be going nowhere fast without the superstar talent of Russell Wilson. The Rams defense would be a bottom-feeding defense without the hulking presence of Aaron Donald. Finally, the Ravens offense would be average at best without Lamar Jackson. The players most likely thought that any QB could step in with those weapons that the Chiefs have and be good, even though that sounds like a radical opinion.

To conclude, I will say that in my opinion, the players should’ve put Patrick Mahomes at the #2 spot, because he’s, in my opinion, better than Russell Wilson and Aaron Donald. Hopefully, the players put together a list next year that doesn’t have so many inconsistencies in it, like putting Chris Godwin ahead of Odell Beckham Jr.

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