The Tom Brady Roller Coaster Continues

The Tom Brady Roller Coaster Continues

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The Tom Brady Saga is a ride that will seemingly never end for Patriots fans.

In a story that has had more plot twists and narrative changes than an M. Night Shyamalan movie, there’s been yet another development that’s sure to send Patriots Nation into a panic via Jeff Darlington.

Around and around we go.

For those attempting to keep track of all this at home, since the end of the 2019 season, Brady has gone from definitely leaving the Pats to possibly returning to asking for “top dollar” to actually only wanting multiple years in his contract and not top dollar to the “buzz” around the league being that he’s likely to be back with the Pats to that same “buzz” being changed to him likely leaving the team.

Confused? So is everyone else.

There’s also this report that came along with Darlington’s bomb.

This would be alarming if Tom Brady himself didn’t already come out a couple weeks ago and say that he and the Patriots have spoken and each side knows where each other stands.

This entire situation has been frustrating for the entire NFL world, but what needs to be taken into account here is the Collective Bargaining Agreement. The reason being, Bill Belichick and the Patriots wouldn’t make a formal offer to Brady until they know exactly how much money they are working with next year. And all that dust has yet to settle.

Almost every single bit of information that’s been “leaked” by either side so far has come off as simply posturing by either camp. Neither side would allow leaks like this to come out, so this is likely just a form of negotiation through the public eye.

So while it’s natural for Patriots Nation to be pulling their collective hair out over the possibility of Tom Brady suiting up for another team in 2020, everyone just needs to take a step back and calm down. Both sides are due to speak at the NFL Combine this week, so all hope is certainly not lost. A deal could be struck at any moment after that conversation.

As free agency approaches, Patriots fans should definitely be gripping their Tom Brady jerseys a little closer, but there’s no need to permanently hang them up…yet.

Oh, and there’s also this:

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