Another Clue Indicating a Uniform Change for the Buccaneers

Another Clue Indicating a Uniform Change for the Buccaneers

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There has been speculation, consternation, and nervous excitement about a possible uniform change for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

It began with a teaser video released by the team on their official Twitter account, loaded with easter eggs and not-so-subtle clues.

Then, a week later, the account posted a pair of wallpapers in a tradition known as Wallpaper Wednesday.

On its own, it wouldn’t have amounted to anything consequential. But they were released just a week after the teaser video which featured old newspaper headlines such as “Bucs’ new uniforms mix old with new,” and “Tampa Gets NFL Franchise For ’76.”

Naturally, this led to speculation that the polarizing yet beloved “Bucco Bruce” logo may be making a triumphant return. The colorless wallpapers released on Feb. 19 clearly depict the current skull and crossed-swords logo, however, they seem to have put that speculation to rest.

Today, I discovered further evidence that indicates new uniforms are in fact coming in the form of photographic evidence. Garrett Janssen, a member of the Buccaneers game day staff, snapped this photo the day the Monster Energy Supercross event was hosted at Raymond James Stadium:

This is a picture of the team’s official gear store inside the stadium. Note that it has been completely cleared out. The day the photo was taken? Feb. 15, just three days after the uniform teaser video was released.

When asked if the gear store is typically still full of Buccaneers gear in the offseason Garrett replied, “Usually is. Since it’s been opened, it has been in use in the offseason. I can’t see them using it for the Vipers.

So, unless the Glazer family has decided to graciously offer their premium retail store space to the Tampa Bay Vipers of the XFL, major changes are coming in the official Buccaneers gear store.

Now, maybe they had a mold infestation. Maybe they are remodeling the layout for easier access to fans. Maybe they are expanding it so they have space for all of the current jerseys that Bay Area residents often see marked down for clearance when they are out shopping.

However, this picture was taken just three days after the team released a video all but declaring new uniforms being unveiled this offseason. That would be quite a coincidence and I do not believe in coincidences. Stay tuned.

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