Ryan Tannehill Makes Playoff Debut as Titans Meet Patriots on Wild Card Weekend

Joe Heller takes a look at the Tennessee Titans and previews their game against the Patriots while predicting the contest’s outcome.

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Washington: The Obvious Reason Jason Garrett is Still Around

Jayton Washington explains the obvious reason why Jason Garrett still has a job with the Dallas Cowboys.

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Splash’s Wild Card Predictions

Ryan Potts shares his predictions for the wild card games this upcoming weekend.

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17 Takeaways from Week 17 

Joe Heller shares 17 takeaways and observations from the 17th and final week of the 2019 regular season.

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Finding a Landing Spot for LaMarcus Aldridge Amidst Trade Rumors

LaMarcus Aldridge is another one of Greg Popovich’s stars to be taken away by the NBA trade winds this season. John Devereaux dissects the possible landing spots for Aldridge as the trade deadline approaches.

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2020 Citrus Bowl Preview & Prediction

Alabama and Michigan will meet up for the fifth time in series history as they collide in a mouth-watering Citrus Bowl matchup. The last time these two met the Tide clobbered the Wolverines 41-14 in 2012. The last bowl meeting was the 2000 Orange Bowl in Tom Brady’s farewell game at Michigan. The maize and blue outlasted the Tide by one due to a missed extra point.

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Splash’s Final Regular Season Power Rankings

Ryan Potts shares his final NFL power rankings ahead of the playoffs.

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Happy New Year, Here's The List to Kill All Lists

You know what I can’t stand? Lists.

All these lists are around in the sports world that try to rank players, teams, positions, eras, and whatever else people can find to put numbers next to in order to start some sort of ridiculous argument among Redditors and Twitterers and Facebookites.

Well, I’m tired of it. I’ve seen too many lists – especially all these best blankety-blank-blank of the 2010s lists.

And now that the 2010s have officially come to a close, I sincerely hope sports listicles go away with the end of the decade.

It’s time for me to play my part in killing lists by making the lengthiest, most useless list of all.

Here’s The Scorecrow’s official ranking of the Top 2010 Athletes of the 2010s, organized not at all by any sort of skill level or accomplishments, but instead by who pops into my head first. I will also provide zero analysis beyond the list itself because no one else that writes lists ever does to any meaningful extent. So why would I?

You’re welcome.

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