The 5 Biggest Disappointments of NFL Playoffs So Far

Jan 11, 2020; Baltimore, Maryland, USA; Tennessee Titans running back Derrick Henry (22) celebrates with fans after the TitansÕ game against the Baltimore Ravens in a AFC Divisional Round playoff football game at M&T Bank Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

1. Ravens Blow Home-Field Advantage

Just about everyone was rooting for Lamar Jackson to lead the Ravens to the Super Bowl after the historic season he had, which will most likely end up in MVP fashion, but the star was absent after putting up a 63.2 passer rating which was his second worst of the season. Although he threw for 365 yards, his two interceptions proved to be crucial as they could only muster up 12 points. 12 points from the most exciting offense in the NFL. Talk about a disappointing way to end the season.

2. The Patriots Lose On A Pick-Six

The Patriots brought this loss on themselves after they proved themselves vulnerable, losing to the Dolphins in the final week of the regular season. Not only did they take an loss in the first round for their earliest exit from the playoffs since 2009, but they lost on a pick-six.

If we’re being real, the only people that were truly disappointed in this loss are Boston fans, because many others were getting tired of the Brady/Belichick dynasty. Brady was average throughout the game with no touchdowns and a pick six. Again, no person alive picked this upset.

3. Saints Lose At Home To The Vikings

The Saints should hope they never have to see the Vikings in the playoffs again because they just can’t figure out how to win. Just like in the 2017 playoffs, the Vikings stunned the Saints late with a walk off touchdown in overtime in the Superdome. Again, who predicted this? The Saints on paper were clearly the favorites.

The Saints have had extremely talented teams the past few years but they have playoff voodoo on them that they just can’t get right. What good is balling all season just to be disappointed when it counts? It might be time for some deep reflection and internal changes in the locker room for the Saints.

4. The Texans Blow A 24-Point Lead

24-0. If this was a Madden, the Chiefs would have had to pass the sticks. They got trounced in the first quarter after the Texans hopped out to a 21-point lead. Then, 51-7. That was the score of the rest of the game with 41 points unanswered after Patrick Hahomes put on a clinic and showed why he is arguably the most talented quarterback in the league right now.

Mahomes threw a handful of touchdowns as the Chiefs pulled off a major comeback. One can only imagine the emotions for the Texans after absolutely blowing this game. This could easily be the most disappointing moment of the playoffs but the the other three are just as bad. The Texans have to sit with this loss for a whole offseason.

5. The Seahawks Ruin Beastmode’s Return

Many fully expected the Seahawks to beat the Packers, even with injury issues. The Packers’ only real threat offensive threat is Davante Adams and he was unguardable. Adams burnt the entire secondary for six by himself. He finished with 160 yards off eight catches and two scores for an easy day at the office.

Many would have thought Marshawn Lynch would be a spark plug for the Seahawks but that ground game looked terrible and the offense struggled to keep up with Aaron Rodgers. A rough way to end the season.


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