Moore: When a Team Has Success, There is Always a Cheating Scandal

Moore: When a Team Has Success, There is Always a Cheating Scandal

by January 7, 2020 1 comment

Cheating scandals have undoubtedly ruled the sporting world over the past three decades. This time, the Boston Red Sox are under fire.

Per multiple reports from The Athletic, the Red Sox allegedly used the “replay room” to steal signs from opposing pitchers and catchers during their 2018 World Series run.

This is the second cheating scandal (2017 Astros) from the source in the last four months from multiple “anonymous” sources, so take that with a grain of salt. However, I am sure this will be talked about for a while and there may even be sanctions to come after an extensive investigation by the MLB. It also seems likely the Yankees could be the next to be under fire as well:


So why is it that whenever a team has success, there is always a cheating scandal? And why is the city of Boston often criticized? Is it because Boston is the city of champions? Is it because we, as sports fans don’t want to fathom the fact that the team was just good enough to be successful?

Here’s a list of cheating scandals that personally come to mind:

  1. Every baseball player in the 1990’s (Steroid epidemic)
  2. 2009 Saints (Bountygate)
  3. 2017 Astros (Sign stealing)
  4. 2017 Yankees & Red Sox (Apple Watch sign stealing)
  5. Almost every single Patriots Super Bowl team (Deflategate, Spygate 1 & 2)
  6. 2019 Ravens (Bluetooth on sideline)
  7. Any NCAA player who comes upon financial gain

Now the 2018 Red Sox electronic sign stealing.

Cheating scandals will always come to the forefront when a team has success. This is just how the media portrays the culture of winning. It’s a shame that the sports world and sports media has come to this.

There should be nothing taken away from that historic 2018 World Series championship team, which was one of the best teams to win the World Series ever and that’s simply a fact.

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