Former Bengal Speaks About Patriots Cheating

Former Bengal Speaks About Patriots Cheating

by December 12, 2019 0 comments

It seems like whenever a Patriots scandal, realistic or not, comes out, people start crawling out of the woodwork to talk about things they’ve experienced or what they think the Pats are also doing to cheat the league.

And this time is no different.

Former Bengal Geroge Iloka insinuates that the Patriots had team officials standing on the bridge overlooking their practice squad in order to videotape anything that could possibly help them get an advantage. This is the bridge he’s talking about. You can see it in the background and it does perfectly overlook the field.

It doesn’t stop there, though.

Iloka also talks about how he noticed some low-flying helicopter around the facility during Patriots week, much like a scene out of Goodfellas. If that really were the Patriots, it would appear they spare no expense when it comes to spying on the lowly Bengals. Perhaps it was an unmarked Kraft Productions helicopter that, while parading around acting like they’re filming some B-roll for their online documentaries, was actually a front for this giant cheating operation. (Yes, the sarcasm was heavily intended.)

And what is Iloka’s reasoning for thinking this could be New England?

“It sounds pretty Patriot-ish.”

Patriot Paranoia is a real thing, and it seems to be an ailment that most teams in the league suffer from with no cure in sight.

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