Bruce Cassidy Furious Over Another “No-Goal” Call

Bruce Cassidy Furious Over Another “No-Goal” Call

by November 11, 2019 1 comment

The Boston Bruins find themselves in a three-game losing skid. Following an 11-1-2 start to the regular season, you could expect a slide to come at some point. It’s not always pretty, and the Bruins have been rather poor with their execution lately, but the controversial calls continue to pile up.

So far in this season, the Bruins are 1-4 with challenges. Just one challenge was unsuccessful for their opponent, when Boston was home versus the Toronto Maple Leafs. Every other challenge went against them. Last night, against the Philadelphia Flyers, the Bruins appeared to get one past Carter Hart, but the referees deemed the play as no goal.

However, that call only came after a long series of discussions. What was the initial call on the ice? No one knows. The Bruins didn’t like that, either.

“I guess that’s my issue is there was no call. They huddle up, have their conversation, you want them to get the call right, but there should be some sort of call on the ice originally and then you work from there. So now they call no goal, and you know how those work, right? So, if he calls a goal, the challenge goes to them, and then they’ve got to determine if there was enough. So, that’s my issue a little bit there,” said Bruce Cassidy post-game.

Earlier last week, the Bruins had a goal from Charlie Coyle taken off the scoreboard and eventually lost the game in Montreal. Boston’s head coach wasn’t pleased with that call, either.

“They’re over there for three minutes. What is the purpose of this rule? Either you find something, or you don’t. Three minutes. Now you’re looking for something, for it to be offside. You know it’s going to go the other way, and it did,” reacted an infuriated Cassidy following a loss against the Canadiens.

There have been a lot of rule changes made by the NHL in the offseason, and there will likely be another set of changes next year. Nevertheless, sometimes, just a little touch of clarity with calls would be enough to make these situations more understandable.

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  1. paul baranofsky
    #1 paul baranofsky 11 November, 2019, 18:44

    bruce cassidy is 100% right.I would change the system putting timers on those tablets.You get one minute to review the call and if you dont decide to change the call the screen goes blank and whatever call made on the ice stands.also no delay of game penalty for the team that challenges the call

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